Thursday 15 January 2015

She on the cover of Melody Maker and she used to do it out in the Parkes like Taylor

Does it ever bug you out how much Simon Reynolds looks like Aisling the dark haired sister from The Reynolds Girls? Betcha it must REALLY bug Simon Reynolds out because I'd Rather Jack said more about teh great Popism Versus Rockism debate in 3 minutes than Reynolds has managed in the past 25 years he's spent prattling on about the topic.

The Reynolds Girls - I'd Rather Jack
(From I'd Rather Jack single; 1988)

Dunno if the blond haired sister Linda died during childbirth as urban legend suggests, but she did sing on this tuneless Netto C&C Music Factory knock-off in 1992. As for Aisling, urban legend swears she's that fat bird in the LFC replica shirt from the Sefton Park Netto who became a minor meme. Dunno if that's true either, but Merseyside deserves its own Fallen Madonna Sonia With The Big Boobies.


James said...

Both fit.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The first Frankie Goes To Hollywood album aside, Stock Aitken & Waterman are responsible for the ONLY good music to ever come out of Liverpool: You Spin Me Round by Dead Or Alive, You'll Never Stop Me Loving You by Sonia, and I'd Rather Jack here.

Lost Art said...

"Scouse Ebonics" is the best song to put on 4 my city

Billy said...

Simon Reynolds and Joy Press covering I'd Rather Jack would be preferable to ever reading Retromania.

Anonymous said...

No way that's the same woman.