Friday, 30 January 2015

Generic list post: january 2015

2015's first round-up post of the songs I've been listening to during the month when RiFF RaFF swapped rice for 'roids on his quest to become a wrestler. Every generation gets the Scott Steiner it deserves.

The Dream ft. T.I. - That's My Shit (2015)
Mic Terror - N.W.G. (2014)
Gzus Piece - This Summer (2012)
Rae Sremmurd ft. Jace of Two-9 - Unlock The Swag (2015)
A-Wax - Goin' Yard (2015)
Fetty Wap - RGF Island (2015)
Wiz Khalifa ft. Ty Dolla $ign - Refresh/Say No More (2015)
YG - 2015 Flow (2014)
Slim 400 ft. YG & Hunnyae - On My Set remix (2014)
Lil' June - Tripp'n (2014)
Grand Puba - The More Things Change (2015)
Mr.2-17 - Marilyn Monroe (2014)
P3 & Ampichino - Innocent Youth (2015)
Lil' Chris - Finesse The Beat (2015)
Kalin And Myles - Trampoline (2014)
The Bomb Squad ft. Billy Loose Screws - Illegal Shit (1992 or 1993)
John Carpenter - Night (2015)

B.o.B & co's Graduation Camp probably would have gotten more play if the ghost of Alfamega's career hadn't put a curse on the MP3's sound quality.


Deezy said...

Holy shit.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

He got his BET tattoo covered up with a cartoon dog too. Erased from history like it's one of the MySpace-era videos where he dropped n-bombs that was consequently wiped from the internet.

ILX Mod said...

Pic of Riff Raff got me dying over here.