Sunday 25 January 2015

Your mama say you too attached to this blog 'cause you can find the hot Lil' Chris tracks on this blog

"I'm from the city where they take your jewels
If you hide that then they might take your shoes
So you better not walk around my city with ya Mikes on
Or what? My n*ggas snakes like Pythons, Get their Vike on"

Lil' Chris - Finesse The Beat
(From the internet; 2015)

Back to the aBopalyptic-Drill of Godamn or What Money Do again for westside Chicago's Lil' Big Man? Finesse The Beat comes off more like an inverse Keep Your Head Up or Don't Shoot, yet it still hits all the same polyphonic sweet spots required from a Lil' Chris song that'll make its way into rotation here in Martorialist world.

True Martorialist world story, at a Game show late last year I was introduced to a friend of a friend who told me "Lil' Chris is the truth!" RT this post if you've ever had a conversation about Same Shit Different Day with a stranger you'd met a couple of minutes earlier.


Crooked Tongues Snitch said...

Rappers in Adidas Sambas >>>>>>

David said...

Was just about to post this, I am enjoying this new trend of drumless rapping cf Keef's "Black Bruce Lee"