Sunday 31 May 2020

Generic list post: May 2020

Ice-T - Street Killer
(From O.G. Original Gangster album/VHS tape; 1991)

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I've played most during the month when coppers were still as hazardous to black people as Covid-19. Fuck the plod and anyone who love 'em. R.I.P George "Big Floyd" Floyd.

Flo Milli - Not Friendly (2020)
Flo Milli - My Attitude (2020)
Max B - Goodman (2020)
Toon ft. LeBron - Another One (2020)
Mozzy - Boyz To Men (2020)
E-40 ft. Suga Free - 19 Dolla Lap Dance (2020)
GetEmTree - Opp Watching (2020)
The Chats - Pub Feed (2020)
The Chats - The Clap (2020)

Other notables: U.K Drill is such a joke of a sub-genre it makes sense that the comedy Grime granddads would sound better doing it than yer average London lad.

Friday 29 May 2020

Birds can do Baton Rouge Brawl Music™ too

"I just got a call from my dawg, he comin' home
I just dropped some fondue on his books and on the phone
F*ck 12, free my n*gga right or wrong
Bitch, 'cause all I speak is facts in every song"

GetEmTree - Opp Watching
(From YouTube; 2020)

When Webbie made Gutta Bitch it's highly likely that his muse was a relative of GetEmTree. Been keepin' an eye on this lass since Like A Bitch caught my ear last month, and her new single here is even better. Savage Life ain't dead, it just no longer has a dick between its legs.

Wednesday 27 May 2020

You can't spell LEEDS without LSD and two E's

LFO - Groovy Distortion
(From Frequencies album; 1991)

You can stick your Kid Cudi Clockers remixes, Groovy Distortion was the REAL fidget-House. If this track ever got play at early 1990s raves its jittery bleeps & bloops musta turned dancefloors into Madness videos. Best song from Frequencies which was never a single, and the song which best defines 1991 because it could potentially soundtrack a Leeds warehouse rave and an episode of Round The Twist at the SAME DAMN TIME.

It's a pity Pete Waterman and Michaela Strachan didn't take The Hitman and Her to a Leeds rave in 1990/1991 for a cross-Pennines counterpart to the 1989 episode where they visited Manchester's Hacienda innit? One of LFO's singles from Frequencies deserved to be captured on film in its natural habitat like A Guy Called Gerald's Voodoo Ray was on the Hacienda episode. It's the Wide Awake Club, Michaela, but not as you know it:

Wikipedia sez:
Pete Waterman said that the idea for The Hitman and Her came to him when he turned on the TV late one night and the only TV station still on-air featured Elvis Costello talking about Irish politics.


Monday 25 May 2020

To The Max (no Stezo)

She asked how come I'm makin' two song playlists, I said everything's fine but I'm still in a 12" single state of mind. So, that new Max B & Dame Grease Goodman song with the same Them Two sample as Grip Plyaz F*ck Dat Hipster Shit makes a good B-side to Phenomenon, huh? Dame Grease productions only 4 Wavy WMX!

Thursday 21 May 2020

Turn On, Toon In, Slap Out

"100 blues, all bluefaces
Big dog beat big cases
Lil' n*gga tie your shoe laces
Bad bitch, don't do basics"

Toon ft. LeBron - Another One
(From YouTube; 2020)

Not to be confused with Toon from NOLA. Toon? More like Choon in the case of this song amirite. File this one under 'the Seattle Slap Muzik version of Chamillionaire & Paul Wall.'

Is 2020 the year that regional mainey whiteboy rappers make a comeback? Some of you never listened to T-Bo & Mike Da Hustla and it shows.

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Generic list post: short song's in the house

EttelThun just dropped a list of 33 legit jams which are short like Curren$y's legs, and it's such a good concept that I'm blatantly biting it for 33 of my own favorites. Rules of this particular parlour game: no songs from Etto's list, no songs longer than 2:30, no beatjacks, no acapellas, no instrumentals/scratch-tracks, no Soundcloud troglodyte fraggle rappers, and no boring Faux Marciano Griselda dullard rappers.

Run-D.M.C - Son Of Byford (1986)
Lakim Shabazz - All True And Living (1988)
De La Soul - What's More? (1989)
Gang Starr - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (1990)
Ice-T - Fried Chicken (1991)
Ice Cube - A Bird In The Hand (1991)
Mac Mall - Soak Sum Dope (1993)
Snoop Dogg ft. Lady Of Rage - G-Funk (Intro) (1993)
Scarface - No Tears (1994)
Notorious B.I.G - B.I.G (Interlude) (1997)
Mac Dre - My Folks (1997/2005)
Young Bleed - An Offer U Can't Refuse (1998)
Method Man & Redman - Da Rockwilder (1999)
MF DOOM - Dead Bent (LP version) (1999)
AZ - Platinum Bars (2000)
Ghostface Killah - Saturday Nite (2000)
Agallah - Adolf "8-Off" Agallah (Interlude) (2000)
Edan ft. Skillz Ferguson - Adrenaline Rush (2001)
The Clipse ft. Fam-Lay - FamLay Freestyle (2002)
T.I. - Long Live Da Game (2003)
Sean Price - Brokest Rapper You Know (2005)
Dres of Black Sheep - I'm The One (2007)
Uncle Murda - Anybody Can Get It (2008)
Grand Puba ft. Q-Tip - Good To Go (2009)
A-Mafia - Wayne Perry (2011)
$hamrock & Jackie Chain - Pacman (2012)
TREE - Probably Nu It (2014)
Valee - Seen Her Before (2016)
Queen Key - My Way (2017)
Tay-K - The Race (2017)
Rico Nasty - Smack A Bitch (2018)
70th Street Carlos - Sprite (2018)
BlocBoy JB - Mercedes (2019)

Friday 15 May 2020

Puffy Dee Flow

"Because my attitude so nasty, I act just like my pappy
A lotta n*ggas want a piece of me like I'm some candy"

Flo Milli - My Attitude
(From YouTube; 2020)

I'm a child of 80s Beastie Boys so I'll always appreciate Brat-Rap in all its guises. What I'd also appreciate is a Flo Milli CD maxi-single with Not Friendly, Beef FloMix, and My Attitude on it.

PS: Not Friendly is the 'ardest song out right now.

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Alright, Dave?

"I'm insightful, recognising life is a cycle
Like I recognise when girls fight titties pop out, ya catch an eyeful"

Rodney P - Big Tings We Inna
(From Big Tings We Inna 12" single; 2001)

Rodney P was best when he made music which was more Reggae-Rap than Rap-Reggae. If Smiley Culture travelled forward in time to go bish bash bosh in the Bashment then Big Tings We Inna woulda been the result. Near-perfect Windrush Generation song except for the "old dog readin' the Playboy in the bible" line - this is Paul Raymond's manor not Hugh Hefner's turf, you plonker!

Saturday 9 May 2020

Peace Dr. Jeckyll - haha, see ya later!

Pour out a little Champagne for the Gordon Gekko of Rap/Berry Gordy of Rap & Bullshit Andre "Dr. Jeckyll" Harrell. The rapping era of Harrell's career usually gets brushed aside as a mere footnote to his A&R powermoves, but Jeckyll & Hyde were one of the best groups of the early 80s. They talked shit to Vanity 6 on The Challenge; they got the best beat of Pumpkin's tenure with Profile Records on Gettin' Money; they were ideal foils for Davy DMX (ghost)production on Fast Life and Yellow Panties; and they recorded the most underrated song of Rap's Disco-Band era with Doing The Do. Most of yer self-styled Hip Hop historians will never admit it, but Harlem bodied the Bronx on wax from 1979 to 1982 and this song is one of the key examples of Uptown's superiority:

Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde - Doing The Do
(From Jeckyll & Hyde Dance/Doing The Do 12" single; 1982)

Thursday 7 May 2020

Steel drums alert!

"Girls be actin', I can tell that you're pretendin'
These hoes really jealous, that's the reason I'm not friendly
I hear these haters talkin' shit, it really don't offend me
'Cause in a crowd full of pussies I see that you blend in"

Flo Milli - Not Friendly
(From YouTube; 2020)

This latest single by the In The Party lass is very much my shit right now. Imagine a mainier sassier Gucci Gucci with steel drums and you've got Not Friendly in a nutshell.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

If we sacrifice Berlin's Techno scene to a volcano can we get Florian Schneider back?

Never forget Bun B's Man-Machine print cycling shirt from GLC's Take It Off video!

Pop, lock, and drop it for das funky kraut Florian Schneider. As a member of Kraftwerk old Florian accidentally birthed Techno, but let's not hold that against him because he also accidentally birthed Electro, Chicago House, and a buncha great Rap songs from artists as diverse as The Fearless Four, Agallah, Egyptian Lover, J.J. Fad, R.A The Rugged Man, 95 South, and that nonce Afrika Bambaataa. His most impressive feat, however, was making Coldplay sorta listenable and for that he is a true G.O.A.T Gerry. Rest in peace Flo' Autobahn Rida - I hope Heaven got a buncha Kraftwerk groupies who look like Helga from 'Allo 'Allo.

Tuesday 5 May 2020

Remember pubs from ages ago?

Public Enemy - Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya, Man
(From Fear Of A Black Planet album; 1990)

That feeling when you're a Rap Guy™ but Rap isn't fulfilling your current existential needs. It's precisely 2 months tonight since I last went the pub and my heart yearns for the booze, the burgers, the banter, and even the bookie with the dodgy racing tips. Rappers can't do nuttin' for ya man Marty on this issue, so I've gotta turn to Aussie Punkers for some audio aloe vera. Never mind The Orange Organics, here's The Bogan Moronics:

The Chats - Pub Feed
(From YouTube; 2019/High Risk Behaviour album; 2020)

Oi ginger singer from The Chats - are you Marmaloid in disguise?

Bonus bogans: Toto, I have a feeling we're not on Ramsey Street anymore.

Sunday 3 May 2020

Very Special

Crooklyn was a gift and a curse for Special Ed: an instant-classic posse cut which rescued Ed from the Rap wilderness, it then inspired him to rhyme over a buncha lumpen sub-Boot Camp Clik beats for his mediocre comeback LP Revelations. Luckily Profile Records stepped in to spare Ed's blushes by hiring DJ Premier to rework Freaky Flow into a track which va-va-voomed like 74 Honda scooters. Billed as a remix, it's more like a sequel since the only thing it shares with the original is the hook. If I Got It Made is the highest title numero uno of Special Ed songs then the Freaky Flow remix is fighting it out with Taxing for numero dos position.

Special Ed - Freaky Flow (DJ Premier remix)
(From Freaky Flow (DJ Premier remix) 12" single; 1996)