Monday 29 February 2016

Loonie Gee part 2

"I couldn't see you with another man rollin' in sand
Strollin' through the park in the dark holdin' his hand
Me and you versus the world was only the plan
I know it get rough, but I'm doin' all that I can"

Jagged Edge ft. Jermaine Dupri & Loon- Promise (Cool JD Remix)
(From Promise single; 1999)

Possibly a top 5 So So Def remix of all time, definitely the only Rap & Bullshit song to survive with its romantic streak intact after someone croons the word snatch during the opening 30 seconds. Loon's always been dismissed as the Yak Ballz to Ma$e's Cage, but he was far more tender-hearted than his progenitor Betha, and he'd probably be more fondly remembered if he'd stuck with So So Def after Harlem World disbanded and dropped a solo album in 2000/2001 with Jermaine Dupri at the helm. JD coulda even jacked Magic's Wand by his old pals Whodini for one of the album's singles.

No shots at Puffy's A&R-ing of Loon, mind - how could you be mad at the man who let Loonie Gee ghostwrite and guest on the greatest love-rap of the noughties and then instructed Yogi to revamp Schoolly D's Saturday Night into one of the best fake-Neptunes beats ever for the kid Chauncey's debut single?

Sunday 28 February 2016

Generic list post: february 2016

What did the Atlantic ocean say to the Pacific ocean?
Nothin', they just waved to each other.

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I've played most during the month when Waviness went mainstream. You can find a handful of these joints on my latest Zippyshare compilation if you so desire. If not, there's always my AZ deep cuts playlist instead.

Boone - Pop A Perc (2015)
J. Stalin ft. L'Jay - Instagram Gangstaz (2015)
G-Eazy ft. Starrah - Order More (2015)
Kevin Gates - Hard For (2016)
Curren$y & Alchemist - Vibrations (2016)
Rich Homie Quan - Stay Down (Martorialist Edit) (2016)
Mr Fingers - Qwazars (2016)
Spice - Born Wid It (2016)
Dexta Daps - Chinese Jordan (2016)

Other notables: can't fault Slappin' by E-40, Nef The Pharaoh & the Cha Cha kid for doing what it says on the tin, but the similar Big Von song with D-Lo & Husalah is like a stroll on the Moon - all bump and no atmosphere; if 30 Hours is one of the supposed highlights from the new KanYe album then I probably don't need to investigate any further; I dunno why everyone reckons Desiigner is Future's Action Bronson analogue because that Panda song sounds more like every other ersatz-Giggs U.K road-rap tune to me.

Friday 26 February 2016

"What kinda women gives her number to a man with a du-rag on?" indeed

Just discovered a new sub-genre of Soundcloud alt-R&B where aspiring fake-Aaliyah singers remix A-Wax songs to sound like sanitary towel commercials. I shit you not, get a load of this Trust Issues remake by some wench called Analise:

Analise - Trust Issues Remix
(From Soundcloud; 2015/White Winter album; 2016)

Analise must be the Pie-RX Boyz equivalent of what Kehlani is to HBK Gang because Non-Stop Da Hitman re-produced this and she even has a song with A-Wax. Presumably Analise must not approve of Husalah's paperwork now she's livin' in P World, so stay tuned because she's due to start remaking Rat Poison Volume 1 deep cuts by july.

Thursday 25 February 2016

Ezale Instagram snippets are the only new rap I listen to right now, tbh

This snippet right here:

Is the chorus of this snippet right here:

Can't believe it's taken 30 years to get an Oak Town remake of 2 Live Crew's We Want Some Pussy. Transpires Ezale's own DJ Hawk Beatz was in the boiler room for this one and Day Ones rather than DJ Fresh even though both songs are from the upcoming Tonite Show album. Why are all these singles takin' dummy long to drop damnit?

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Rap music >>>>>>>>>>>

J. Stalin ft. L'Jay - Instagram Gangstaz
(From Tears Of Joy album; 2015/YouTube; 2016)

What other genres have music videos where the artists perform home invasions on Instagram comment section haters? Yeah, exactly. Can't believe Stalin beat Maine Musik to the punch on the video tip, though.

Speakin' of Instagram and songs produced by DJ Fresh, Ezale's been posting more video snippets of singles from his Tonite Show album on IG. If his rap career doesn't pan out as expected, dude has a potentially bright future in the Mission Impossible franchise. Lemonade was a popular drink just like booze, Ezale got more props and self-performed stunts than Tom Cruise.

Sunday 21 February 2016

An AZ deep cuts playlist 4 u

In much the same vein as last month's Grand Puba deep cuts playlist, here's a chronological journey through the nooks and crannies of AZ's catalogue that's ended up deeper than the Great Barrier Reef. Starting in 1995 with the O.G version of Your World Don't Stop and ending in 2013 with his last good single We Movin', I went against ya whole solar system and gathered up cuts from pretty much everywhere except the 8 official AZ albums. If Biggie had "more rides than Great Adventure" then Anthony "The Visualiza" Cruz must have more raps than Great Adventures and Adventures Of Super Rhyme combined innit.

Nearly 20 years on from 1997 and we still haven't got an unedited version of the Firm Biz (World's Famous Remix). Nas stans - where ya arses at when your help is required in somehow liberatin' that shit?

EDIT: DJ Step One found it! Added it to the playlist in place of the edited version.

Friday 19 February 2016

Martorial elegance: Drydick Rando Nubian edition

The provocateur once known as Brand Nubian's Lord Jamar, now the Roosh-V of VladTV:

PUA's Jump Up To Get Beat Down?

Strauss: The Extinction Agenda?

Actually it's about ethnics in videogame journalism?

The Misandre Way?

Thursday 18 February 2016

"U and I are gonna happen, that's just inevitability" 4real

That feeling when the G-Eazy song you've been quietly jockin' becomes an official single... not so much a personal triumph, as a victory for humanity: the more popular G-Eazy becomes, the quicker A$AP Folky Malone will be forced to piss off back to the scene with no sauce. 80% of the credit for Order More must go to Starrah and DJ Spinz via their respective work on the hook and production, neveretheless Sleazy G has an undeniable jam on his CV that's now backed by an extra saucy NSFW video.

G-Eazy ft. Starrah - Order More
(From whatever G-Eazy's last album was called; 2015)

DJ Spinz later sold an altered version of this same beat to Wiz Khalifa for that awful song with Travis $cott; overcharging the industry for what they didn't do with Travis Porter's The Money?

Wednesday 17 February 2016

A recent-ish jams 4 u compilation

Quick zipfile of songs I've been feelin' since the last compilation of this type. Here we go c'mon like my heathen brother Spoiral.

1. Boone - Pop A Perc (2015)
2. Baby E & Lil' Wayne - Finessin' Remix (2015)
3. AV LMKR - Money Dance (2015)
4. Nef The Pharaoh - No Masturbation (2015)
5. Jidenna - Long Live The Chief (2015)
6. Curren$y - Vibrations (2016)
7. Kevin Gates - Hard For (2016)
8. Colonel Loud ft. Too $hort, Snoop & Rico Barrino - California Remix (2016)
9. HotStylz - TONIK (The Only N*gga I Know) (2016)
10. Rich Homie Quan - Stay Down (Martorialist Edit) (2016)
11. Boosie Badazz - Forgive Me Being Lost (2016)


Monday 15 February 2016

Homie And The Jets

Been listening to Rich Homie Quan & Rich The Kid's Stay Down off 'n' on all day unable to determine whether it's bad meanin' bad or bad meanin' good. Luckily I got a problem solver but his name ain't revolver in the form of DJ Step One to remove Rich The Kid's verse from the song for me to see if that helps any. Free from any obtrusive cameos by trendy Migos underlings, I've now come to the conclusion that Stay Down is RHQ's equivalent of Biz Markie's infamous cover version of Elton John's Bennie And The Jets. Take flight below:

Rich Homie Quan - Stay Down (Martorialist Edit)
(From Audiomack; 2016)

Sunday 14 February 2016

What is love?

Diana Ross famously reckoned love is a hangover that requires no hair of the dog, whilst Suga Free once described it as a condition which amounts to "nothin' but 2 people feelin' sorry for each other then hittin' divorce court to pay child support to your baby's mother." Be it on your own heart whether you're a lover or a hater in the game of romance, but don't even front like the real Max Romeo ain't got a joint for every Valentine's Day from now to 2021.

"My bitch she nice behind the wheel
I be poppin' outta the window, I'm nicer with the steel"

Max B - I Gotta Have It
(From Wavie Crockett mixtape; 2008)

Saturday 13 February 2016

The Soundcloud Zone

F*ck the entire KanYesplaining think-piece industry and f*ck rap today. Hit it, Bernie...

Mr Fingers - Qwazars
(From Mr Fingers 2016 EP; 2016)

This is not a new world, it's simply an extension of what began in the old one when Larry Heard's 5 fingers of depth imprinted themselves over the top of rickety old Barry Manilow 12" singles. Just when mankind had made space on the dancefloor to shuffle, Mr. Fingers returns to launch shuttles into deep space and explore the House Every Wormhole hypothesis.

Spice - Born Wid It
(From Seanizzle's 90's Don Dada Riddim; 2016)

From the sensual to the sexual, Uranus to ur anus, we travel back from deep space into deep punani. Location: a throwback riddim in Jamaica. Mission: to find a needle eye in a haystack. Enter Grace Hamilton - Earth's missing link between Shabba Ranks and Razzle Romps.

Thursday 11 February 2016

Hat tip to Drake

It's not a proper year in rap if someone doesn't beatjack Boyz-n-the-Hood; Trina held down 2015 with F*ck Boy, and Boone's Pop A Perc has 2016 in the bag already even though it technically dates back to late november. File this under ‘songs that can only be remixed by Jackie Chain or Ezale’:

Boone - Pop A Perc
(From YouTube; 2015)

Pop A Perc as translated into image form:


Tuesday 9 February 2016

Tonite's probably not the night

It ain't that I'm impatient, it just seems a trifle unfair that you Atlanta rap stans can get mixtapes from Future and Young Thug every other month, but us Oakland rap mavens can't even get Ezale's Day Ones song five months after he first posted a snippet of it on Twitter. How's Ezale #GoneBringThisTownShitBack when he's becoming the Jay Electronica of Oakland in terms of productivity as a recording artist?

A lil' detective work reveals Day Ones is a World's Freshest production and it's set to appear on a Tonite Show album Ezale & DJ Fresh are set to drop late february/early march. Potentially, this could be the best Tonite Show since DJ Fresh teamed up with Mozzy in 2013, but as exciting as that notion is I'd settle for Day Ones dropping tonight instead because I ain't heard a new rap song I've really liked since Hard For by Kevin Gates.

Monday 8 February 2016

Gleaming The Wave

If you're out here tryna experience maximum Waviness after recent events, here's the CDQ MP3 of Max B's grandiose debut single, as ripped from the promo CD. Uploaded the instrumental too so we can all marvel at how Arkatech Beatz flipped that sample from Pleasure's Farewell, Goodbye. 274 lbs? Baby that ain't piff! Why You Do That in 360 kbps? Baby, that's the shit!

Sunday 7 February 2016

Generic list post: great songs on rap albums that are far from great 2

In lieu of the last post being about Jeezy's That's What's Up and Gucci Mane's Muscles N My Hand, here's a sequel to the great songs from not-so-great albums generic list. Not sayin' all the albums these songs hail from are entirely worthless per se, more that these songs shine like the proverbial sun, moon & stars on those mediocre albums they call home.

Newcleus - Programmed 4 L.O.V.E (2009)
Yo Gotti ft. Stuey Rock - Single (2012)
L.A's Own Billy The Kidd AKA Defari - Say It Twice (2000)
Davy D - Have You Seen Davy? (1987)
G-Eazy ft. Starrah - Order More (2015)
Beanie Sigel & Freeway ft. State Property - Live In Effect (2010)
Yukmouth ft. Sauce & Mac Dre - Get Stupid, Go Dumb (2004)
Nice & Smooth - Lockdown (1997)
The Game ft. 2 Chainz & Rick Ross - Ali Bomaye (2012)
Laroo & The Jacka ft. Matt Blaque - Dip W/U (2009)
Group Home - Stupid Muthafuckas (1999)
Kokane ft. Too $hort - Rhyme Slow (1999)
Curren$y ft. August Alsina & Lil' Wayne - Bottom Of The Bottle (2015)
The New Style - Scuffin' Those Knees (1989)
Lil' Tip, Shorty K, Lil' J & Crooked I - Ashes To Ashes (1998)
Big Sean - Paradise (Extended) (2015)
Cocoa Brovaz - Tools Of The Trade (2002)
Bubba Sparxxx ft. Killer Mike & Cool Breeze - Claremont Lounge (2006)
Azealia Banks - Miss Amor (2014)

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Rap songs that aren't on YouTube but really should be # 16

Last time I checked I was a stan for Jeezy's pre-fame equivalent of Gucci Mane's Muscles N My Hand where he zinged real hip hopper's hoopties over the top of a synthetic-substitution of Pumpkin's drums from Spoonie Gee's Love Rap. What a pity no one else seems to be given the song's conspicuous absence from YouTube.

Young Jeezy ft. Mykel - That's What's Up
(From Come Shop With Me double album; 2003)

Mykel's hook on That's What's Up was so impeccable, Mac Dre may have liberally nicked it a year later. Is it within the realms of possibility that Dre could have heard an early Jeezy deep cut or is it simply a case of great minds tap into the same ripple of cosmic unconsciousness? "I guess we got the same dreams or is it the same nightmares" 4 real?

Monday 1 February 2016

Late pass!

Ever since he dropped Rollin' in 2008, Jackie Chain has popped back up once a year like the McRib with another legitimate jam. Make Me Go Off was 2015's entry into this ongoing canon which continued after Rollin' with Diamonds & Cadillacs in 2009, Livin' It Up in 2010, a tie between Molly + Parked Outside in 2011, So Throwed in 2012, Trippin' in 2013, and Party Girls in 2014, though Make Me Go Off is more like a prelude to a single than a single in its own right. Obviously the single would be an ode to MDMA & whores over OMC's How Bizarre.

Jackie Chain - Make Me Go Off
(From YouTube; 2015)

On the real, Jackie could probably clear a How Bizarre sample on the cheap now the Maori bloke from OMC is dead, and Jackie's track could even interpolate the dead Maori bloke's "jumped into the Chevy, headin' for big lights/wanna know the rest? Hey, buy the rights!" punchline from How Bizarre into a hook. Yo son, I had crazy visions, BOOM:

"Pills to the left of me, powder to the right
Wanna know the rest? Hey, buy the rights!
Party nights... party nights

Stripper on my lap, thighs spread left and right
Wanna know the rest? Hey, buy the rights!
Party nights... party nights"

I gave this idea wings, only Jackie can make it fly.