Sunday, 21 February 2016

An AZ deep cuts playlist 4 u

In much the same vein as last month's Grand Puba deep cuts playlist, here's a chronological journey through the nooks and crannies of AZ's catalogue that's ended up deeper than the Great Barrier Reef. Starting in 1995 with the O.G version of Your World Don't Stop and ending in 2013 with his last good single We Movin', I went against ya whole solar system and gathered up cuts from pretty much everywhere except the 8 official AZ albums. If Biggie had "more rides than Great Adventure" then Anthony "The Visualiza" Cruz must have more raps than Great Adventures and Adventures Of Super Rhyme combined innit.

Nearly 20 years on from 1997 and we still haven't got an unedited version of the Firm Biz (World's Famous Remix). Nas stans - where ya arses at when your help is required in somehow liberatin' that shit?

EDIT: DJ Step One found it! Added it to the playlist in place of the edited version.


Ben Jones said...

Just Ice comp last week and AZ deep cuts to start this week life is good. Is there anyway to get a download link for this?

Si Mane Price said...

Will set it to download on tuesday.

Tryna maximise plays and get AZ up the Audiomack rankings right now.

Ben Jones said...

Cool thanks

step one said...

good work as always. I maintain that Red Magic is excellent though.

as for the Firm Biz remix, it exists on a promo 12" but not one that seems to have made its way to the UK. I have the instrumental and dirty acapella so should probably just make DIY version (think I mentioned this ages ago and then never followed through as I was hoping a rip of the 12" would appear)

Si Mane Price said...

Oh yeah I remember you saying about that now. Reckon it's time for you to give it a go, imo.

Anonymous said...

Great list. Would love to see your selects for a comp of best album tracks, too.

REDLite said...

This is great thank you

Si Mane Price said...

Will return with a list of album tracks when I get time later.

Frank G said...

Need that download!!

Si Mane Price said...

Right, my AZ best album tracks playlist would probably look like this:

Sugar Hill
Rather Unique
Gimme Yours
Mo Money, Mo Murder "Homicide"
Doe Or Die
The Payback
How Ya Livin'
What's The Deal?
I Don't Give A Fuck
Wanna Be There
The Essence
Fan Mail
Never Change
AZ's Chillin'
The Come Up
City Of Gods
I Am The Truth
Sit 'Em Back Slow
The Format
Game Of Life
The Game Don't Stop
The Hardest Part 2
Dead End
Feel My Pain
The Calm

L.A said...

Great work here

Anonymous said...

Need "ho happy jackie" in that album cuts list.

Dirt said...

+2 for a download

fresh out of bloomies with the louis luggage said...

nice one

Fred said...

Good stuff, one of my favorites non-album cut with AZ on is this one though:

Si Mane Price said...

Love Half-A-Mill's verse on that.

"In the hovercraft, poppin' bubbly in the bubblebath
Bitches blowin' suds up they ass
Thugs and cash, Quiet Money - run for ya gats"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming through on this, much appreciated.

Si Mane Price said...

Set this to download now.

Anonymous said...

cheers my man!

Thomas McCarthy said...

Hey for some reason whenever I download the comp from audiomack (i've tried a few times) it doesn't include "omega"

otherwise great list!

thanks so much

Si Mane Price said...

I switched that for the CDQ version after I originally uploaded the playlist so that's probably why. Set it to let you download individual songs now you hopefully you can grab it like that?

Thomas McCarthy said...

worked perfectly!!!!!!!!
thank you!!!!!

i felt a little ridiculous asking for another AZ deep cut when you had just given me 29 others but i really appreciate it lol

Si Mane Price said...

No probs. Omega is a fave of mine, that's why I had to delete the o.g MP3 which cut out before the end and upload the CDQ version after I realised my mistake.

Thomas McCarthy said...

yeah i am especially digging that one now. also the way they s-s-s-slow it down at the end of "fro the streets" melts my heart of ice.

p.s. a lot of your old compilations seem 2 be down right now, any chance you could re-up that DB tha general one?

Si Mane Price said...

I'll do it when I get home later. Check the DB post later this afternoon.

Thomas McCarthy said...

yuuuuuussssss you have delivered once again.

thank you so much.

db tha general's music seems particularly hard to pirate

Christopher L. Johnson said...

Man, I need this mix in my life. I have some of these tracks but there's plenty I don't, and AZ has been one of my favorite rappers ever since I heard him on Illmatic. Is this still available for download somewhere?

Props and stunts.

Si Mane Price said...

Set to dl.

Christopher L. Johnson said...

Listen, man... I have two young boys that I love to death, but you are my favorite human being on planet earth right now. I have shitloads of music if you need anything in return. Rare Bay Area rap is probably my specialty, but I have thousands of albums that I own. You just say the word.