Saturday 13 February 2016

The Soundcloud Zone

F*ck the entire KanYesplaining think-piece industry and f*ck rap today. Hit it, Bernie...

Mr Fingers - Qwazars
(From Mr Fingers 2016 EP; 2016)

This is not a new world, it's simply an extension of what began in the old one when Larry Heard's 5 fingers of depth imprinted themselves over the top of rickety old Barry Manilow 12" singles. Just when mankind had made space on the dancefloor to shuffle, Mr. Fingers returns to launch shuttles into deep space and explore the House Every Wormhole hypothesis.

Spice - Born Wid It
(From Seanizzle's 90's Don Dada Riddim; 2016)

From the sensual to the sexual, Uranus to ur anus, we travel back from deep space into deep punani. Location: a throwback riddim in Jamaica. Mission: to find a needle eye in a haystack. Enter Grace Hamilton - Earth's missing link between Shabba Ranks and Razzle Romps.


Anonymous said...

The 303 tune from the Fingers is even better

Unknown said...

Since discovering Spice via this blog I've been listening to her music more than any rap music thats came out the past few months.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Conjugal Visit is the ultimate Valentine's Day anthem.

Super Brad said...

Wow never knew Hermann did a Twilight Zone theme.