Friday 26 February 2016

"What kinda women gives her number to a man with a du-rag on?" indeed

Just discovered a new sub-genre of Soundcloud alt-R&B where aspiring fake-Aaliyah singers remix A-Wax songs to sound like sanitary towel commercials. I shit you not, get a load of this Trust Issues remake by some wench called Analise:

Analise - Trust Issues Remix
(From Soundcloud; 2015/White Winter album; 2016)

Analise must be the Pie-RX Boyz equivalent of what Kehlani is to HBK Gang because Non-Stop Da Hitman re-produced this and she even has a song with A-Wax. Presumably Analise must not approve of Husalah's paperwork now she's livin' in P World, so stay tuned because she's due to start remaking Rat Poison Volume 1 deep cuts by july.


Anonymous said...

This is unexpected

GGGGG said...

Kimberley Davies <3