Sunday 30 June 2024

Generic list post: June 2024

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I've played most during the month when Euro 2024 has been the dullest football tournament of my lifetime. Only highlights thus far have been Scotland being absolutely hopeless, and the Turkey versus Georgia game. The countdown begins NOW on England getting knocked out on penalties tonight. PS: peep my top 10 Baton Rouge rap songs of the 2020s so far IMHO playlist.

Thirstin Howl III ft. Sadat X - I Can't Dance (2010)
Rack-Lo - What's A Lo-Life To Me (2013)
Young Bleed - Above Hell (2022)
AMB EZ ft. Nasty Nell - Birthday (video mix) (2024)
Lebra Jolie ft. DJ Chose- FTN (2024)
The Dogg Pound ft. Stresmatic & SoulCat - Favorite Color Blue (2024)
Pooh The WriteR - Bestie (2024)
Keith Mansfield - Underlying Menace (1978)
John Scott - Cold Sweat (1978)

Bonus bloggin: 1nce again I'm gonna use my monthly wrap-up post to keep track of the best movies and TV shows I've been watching. * indicates rewatches dunnit.

Movies I watched and liked:
Mickey One (1965)
The Warriors (original version) (1979) *
After Hours (1985) *
Return Of The Living Dead (1985)
A Quiet Place (2018)
Robot Dreams (2024) *

TV shows I watched and liked:
Prisoner: Cell Block H (episodes 103 to 114) (1980)
Neighbours (new episodes) (2024)
Inside No.9 (series 9 episodes 5 and 6) (2024)
Peacock (series 2) (2024)
Doctor Who (Dot and Bubble episode) (2024)
Doctor Who (The Legend of Ruby Sunday episode) (2024)
Turkey versus Georgia (Euro 2024 match) (2024)

Friday 28 June 2024

Everlasting Ass

Lebra Jolie ft. DJ Chose - FTN
(From FTN single; 2024)

Ya host ain't from Houston, but he know where the Texarse. Lebra Jolie's What Kinda is one of my favourite songs of the past few years, but I'd mentally filed her away as a One Song Wonder™ and never bothered to check for her again. Now I'm slangin' humble pie & St. Ides in the same sentence because her new single is some Misandry Bass music for the Roxanne's Revenge-core canon. If Martorialist Radio existed, I'd start every summer 2024 show with this song and Move by Mello Buckzz. Great video too: it's basically streamable p0rnography but without the adverts for webcam girls and penis enlargers. Three thumbs up, one's not a thumb tho...

Wednesday 26 June 2024

Late pass!

"A Lo-Life always plottin'
A Lo-Life always scheme
A Lo-Life after the American dream"

Rack-Lo - What's A Lo-Life To Me
(From Polo Classics mixtape; 2013)

I love a beatjack which puts a fresh twist on the song from whence it came. Peep Lo-Life O.G Rack-Lo having his wicked way with a Gang Starr classic and flipping & bouncing Code of The Streets into Code of A Thief. Fave Rack-Lo song I've heard since his 2000 single Spit In Ya Face.

PS: sincere R.I.P to Shifty Shellshock from the Butterfly band Crazy Town. I'm gonna hazard a guess that 80% of this blog's readership have dated at least 1 girl who was/is obsessed with that song. I hope Heaven got a hairdressers where he can keep his tips frosted.

Sunday 23 June 2024

Met her uptown dykin', aiiight then

"She know I'm gay, I know she not, but she accept me
We never f**ked except for once in a wet dream
She told me take another shot, I bought the next three
And if she do cheat I bet her n*gga don't expect me"

Pooh The WriteR - Bestie
(From Bestie single; 2024)

Regional sassy-tomboy Rap which uses the subject of friendship to explore lesbo-erotic fantasies? M8, I'm all over this shit like Fat Joe's 1999 Grammy Awards suit. Ironic because the song's beat is a beautiful use of negative space like Darlene's 1988 swimsuit. Pooh's rude as f**k, and if it's up, this song is goin' down. Fave thing to come outta Louisville, Kentucky since M.I.A Rap internet legend Rey.

Wednesday 19 June 2024

Ain't no tellin' what the bitch will do, I was all on her face like barbecue

I'm not happy unless I'm fiendin' for an Ezale song which only exists in snippet form, so this shit is Marty Python's latest holy grail. I'm still having a blast with Fun and Do It All Night, but good things come in threes like a certain John Landis movie. What's the odds on this actually dropping in 2024?

Bonus beats: Mac God Dbo's A Whole Brick is my pick for NorCal rando slap-tremendo of 2024 thus far. Will I ever like another song by that guy? Who knows, but I really like that song tho.

Sunday 16 June 2024

My Mind Spray 15

Apparently there's a pre-Concentration Camp Young Bleed song called Much Love which was Bleed's first song to get radio play in Baton Rouge, and which uses a sample of You Can't Run Away by The Bar-Kays. Alas, it doesn't appear to have ever been uploaded to the internet, but someone out there must have it on a manky old cassette tape.

On the plus side, searching for the Bleed song online sent me down a rabbit hole where I discovered that Level recorded a remake of MC Nero Baby's Baton Rouge classic I Gotta Lotta Respect.

Mello Buckzz kinda looks like a different person in all her music videos. Rap equivalent of Zarana from The Dreadnoks or wot?

Back in 1996 Busta's Woo-Hah!! really made my day. Here in 2024 that song still kills shit like O.J. One of the greatest debut Rap singles of all time with a video that's the Citizen Kane of Rap-Hands.

Gutted to see that the music channels on British Freeview TV are all closing at the end of June. I'm a big fan of channel-surfing between Kiss TV and Kerrang TV before bed, and flipping between songs like GloRilla's Yeah Glo!, Willow's Transparent Soul, Benzz's Je M'appelle, Turnstile's New Heart Design, and Tinashe's Nasty is an enjoyable way to wind down the evening.

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Beers, Steers, and Rears

AMB EZ ft. Nasty Nell - Birthday (video mix)
(From YouTube; 2024)

Plz believe I'm always down for some prime booty-chatter Bounce music, even if it does hail from Texas. In fact, this shit is what I wish Big Choo's recent single sounded like. Peep that Lacoste shirt & shorts co-ord Nasty Nell is decked out in - a 2024 take on Jamel Shabazz tenniscore or wot?

Friday 7 June 2024

Born To Audiomack: top 10 Baton Rouge rap songs of the 2020s so far IMHO

1. Mouse On Tha Track - Big Blossom (2022)
2. Day Day Sustaaa - B.A.N.P (2022)
3. Eatem - Go Get Yo F**kin' Brotha (2021)
4. Young Bleed - Dat' Water (2022)
5. Level ft. Mouse On Tha Track - I Don't Miss (2022)
6. Spitta - Power Ranger (2022)
7. 38 Dezzie ft. Mouse On Tha Track - On My Shit (2021)
8. Boosie - Big Unc (2022)
9. GetEmTree - Look Stupid (2020)
10. Phat Baby - Proper Play (FWS) (2022)

I made a playlist of my top 10 Baton Rouge rap songs of the 2020s so far with a 1 song per rapper rule and an #actual order of preference. Conclusions I've drawn: Mouse is still THE man, Baton Rouge has the 'ardest female rappers, 2022 was a good year, NBA YoungBoy's music is no fa me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tuesday 4 June 2024

R.I.P Brother Marquis (Rest In Pussy, natch)

Smoke Shag one for Brother Marquis AKA the first rapper to sag his jeans AKA the 2 Live Crew member with the illest rap voice. I hope Heaven got a beach full of birds in bikinis for Marquis & his fellow dearly-departed 2 Live Crew member Fresh Kid Ice. In tribute, allow me to reintroduce 2 Live Crew's 1990 performance of Face Down, Ass Up on the Phil Donahue show.

A great clip, but it's my second favourite 2 Live Crew video on YouTube. The first is this performance of We Want Some Pussy from the infamous 1990 Florida club show where half the group were later arrested for breaking obscenity laws. Rap music has come a looooong way, baby!