Monday 28 January 2013

Transmitting live from Mars Volta

Couple of talking points about this classic Tommy Boy advert for De La's 3 Feet High And Rising below :

1. Was esteemed rock-canon expert Questlove responsible for the "The Sergeant Peppers' of The Eighties" tagline?

2. Would it have been such a bad thing if the alabaster devil on the poster had come out of his local store clutching a record by U2 in 1989 since he could've copped the 7" of the only good song they've ever made?

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Ayo David Drake

What, you think you have it hard because Harlem World's The Movement album isn't on Spotify? I bought a new copy a couple of years back in a 3-for-£5 sale because I only have it on cassette/couldn't find a working RAR file only to throw it on in my BFF Sha Deezy's car and find out it was the edited clean version :-(

Here's the family friendly version of Minute Man where we learn that that Ma$e's lil' sister, Loon, Cardan, Huddy and, um, whatever the other 2 Harlem World members who Ma$e employed to iron his shiny suits were called hate them ones that don't suck no *AAAOOW*, hate the ones who date them dumb chicks, hate the ones that wanna get you for your doe, wanna be your *AAAOOW*, be your *AAAOOW* on the low over an early KanYe production which ganked its slinky lil' bassline from the otherwise terrible Lovely Day by Bill Withers :

Harlem World ft. Nauty - Minute Man
(From The Movement; 1999)

Monday 21 January 2013

Rawkus revenge

Hilarious things about Rawkus # 249 : a couple of unassuming 12" cuts by Fashion from The Beatnuts' weed carrier and an Artifacts side-project got more play on Hot 97 than many of the later records by more notable artists which the-house-that-Rupert-built pushed heavily to radio. Thought I'd throw the 12" rips of My Crown by Black Attack and Brick City Kids by Brick City Kids up today since they sound so much better without Evil Dee's cacophonous bellowing/intrusive scratching on them, and they go way harder than most of those later records by more notable artists which the-house-that-Rupert-built pushed heavily to radio :

Black Attack - My Crown
(From My Crown/Correct Technique 12"; 1997)

Brick City Kids - Brick City Kids
(From Brick City Kids/What What 12"; 1997)

Thursday 17 January 2013

Miller than a bitch

Since his return with the TMZ mixtape in 2011, the grand imperial Percy Miller has successfully swagger-jacked Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Chief Keef & the tacky I Don't Like remix, and DJ Mustard's Ratchet sound. With his brand new Al Kapone mixtape, ya boy Profondo Rocko right chea can happily report the Head Miller In Charge is still knocking out the most eccentric 2pac pastiches like it was 1995 - 1998 all over again, and he's just victoriously Bogarted Brick Squad's steez with the 'tape's highlight Al Kapone :

"Why I'm fuckin' rappin' and why I came back
bitch, I'm in a mansion, you in a motherfuckin' shack
in the barbershop talkin' shit that you don't know
man, you ain't a real n*gga, you might be five-o!"

Master P ft. Fat Trel & Alley Boy - Al Kapone
(From Al Kapone mixtape; 2013)

HVN4AGNGSTA is a wonderful song where Game and P exhibit the same sort of sizzling chemistry as Nas & AZ or the 2 blokes from the Ying Yang Twins who aren't even brothers IRL. This is because the pair of 'em have made careers out of ripping off the popular Gang$ta-Rappers of the day in their own respective hilariously inimitable ways, so once P's Louie V Mob blog-bait supergroup with Fat Trel & Alley Boy hits the skids he should adopt Game into the new No Limit family as a new Miller brother.

Friday 11 January 2013

Reasons why I love Youtube # 37

Ay', tell my boy Shawn Deezy AKA the # 1 Bad Boy fanboy on Earth I said to get out the mirror for a second, tell him I just found a video of Nas & Puffy performing Hate Me Now on some award show in 1999 where Puff does the Harlem Foxtrot on a motherfucking conveyor belt:

In much the same way that actions speak louder than words IRL, here on the Rap internet GIFs of Puffy's dancing serve more purpose than a trillion carefully-considered thinkpieces.

Sunday 6 January 2013

Wobble, Wobble rhymes with Gobble, Gobble

"I should get to the bottom of this, I feel a complete arse!"

Since it doesn't look Ballin' is ever going to become the hit single it already should've been, I'll settle for Wobble becoming the 2013 Pop That now it's finally been given a video and given some radio push. Best Rap song Diplo has ever been involved with, period point blank, end of story, son :

Travis Porter - Wobble
(From From Day 1 album; 2012)

One time I tried to convince Alex from Steady Bloggin' that he should listen to Travis Porter but he scoffed at Make It Rain and suggested that Travie' are "music for dudes who think the stripper actually likes them." Never one to be outdone, I replied that his beloved SpaceGhostPurrp is "music for dudes who think Xhamster pornbots are real girls."

Thursday 3 January 2013

Reasons why I love Youtube # 36

Because I can drop the annual ‘hey, here's a clip of Public Enemy performing live on British TV back in the early nineties, guys!’ post to keep thangs movin'. Here they are on Later doing 911 Is A Joke complete with ear-wiggling S1Sw. Now Kat Stacks has been freed (JUSTICE 4 THE 69!!!) all I need for 2013 is for Def Jam to finally give up the goods on that unreleased Bomb Squad-produced Flava Flav solo album from 1991 :

You dudes who compare El-P to a modern day Bomb Squad never cease to kill me because your boy in the trucker hat hasn't got a funky bone (no AC Tha Program Director) in his entire body. You can puff and huff in protest all you like, but you can't do the Dougie, the Harlem Shake, the Stanky Leg or the Pee Wee Herman to anything on Funcrusher Plus, Fantastic Damage and R.A.P Music like you can to 911 Is A Joke and numerous other Bomb Squad classics. Here's the 911 Is A Joke instrumental which obviously jams at least a gazillion times harder than anything El-P will ever make and reveals all sorts of nifty nuances you don't really catch on the vocal version :

Public Enemy - 911 Is A Joke (instrumental)
(From 911 Is A Joke single; 1990)