Monday, 28 January 2013

Transmitting live from Mars Volta

Couple of talking points about this classic Tommy Boy advert for De La's 3 Feet High And Rising below :

1. Was esteemed rock-canon expert Questlove responsible for the "The Sergeant Peppers' of The Eighties" tagline?

2. Would it have been such a bad thing if the alabaster devil on the poster had come out of his local store clutching a record by U2 in 1989 since he could've copped the 7" of the only good song they've ever made?


Boothe said...

Dope find!

I wish I could find a creative/funny way to describe my hatred of Questlove hyperbole, but I'll just settle on my go-to "ugh..."

bradley said...

early u2 was good!

Robbie said...

That was my first and last modeling gig. They didn't even let me keep the album!

done said...

Not gonna front, I saw High Fidelity a few days back and kinda enjoyed it. I mean nothing had changed, its Questlove in film form and Cusack's narration shit is still shit but idk, it was pleasant.

The fucks going on

Fredo Fantano said...

Questlove = Rap game that 100 influential albums quiz on Facebook.