Wednesday 30 June 2021

Generic list post: June 2021

DJ Kayslay ft. nearly everybody ever - Rolling 110 Deep
(From Accolades EP; 2021)

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I've played most during the month when Kayslay orchestrated a 110 rapper deep posse cut/video with Lord Jamar doing virus/crisis/third iris #Scamdemic raps. Ain't gonna pretend like I watched the entire 40 minute video but I can't help but be impressed that Slay managed to get AZ, Ice-T, Coke La Rock, Uncle Murda, E-A-Ski, Pretty Tone Capone, Gunplay, and Nice & Smooth on the SAME DAMN SONG!

Phil Blunts - On The Attack (video) (1996)
Blackalicious - Make You Feel That Way (2002)
A-Wax & Smigg Dirtee - What We Bout (2007/2021)
Dru Down - Everywhere I Go (2021)
Homeboy Sandman - Yup. Do It! (2021)
Homeboy Sandman - Superman (2021)
Reese Youngn - Warrior (2021)
Jenevieve - Midnight Charm (2021)
Children Of Zeus - I Know (2021)
SAULT - Bitter Streets (2021)

Other notables: Homeboy Sandman's non-Slice of Life song was cool too; in the canon of Posse On Broadway beatjacks, Gucci Mane & Pooh Shiesty's Posse On Bouldercrest is slightly better than Yo Gotti's Reppin' North Memphis, but nowhere near as good as E-40's Big Ballin' With My Homies or Dipset's 145th & Broadway.

Saturday 26 June 2021

I stand AGAINST Pitchfork Union imho

Sometimes you've gotta let a One Song Wonder™ stay a One Song Wonder™, and sometimes you've got your fingers crossed the One Song Wonder™ will drop Another One™. What I'm basically tryna say here is that Jenevieve has finally dropped a worthy follow up to Baby Powder but I don't know how to pontificate about it without soundin' like some Pitchfork poptimist.

Jenevieve - Midnight Charm
(From Midnight Charm single; 2021)

Lmfao @ these boring bastard music critics twisting themselves into knots writing thousands upon thousands of words about poptimism and not even realising that Stock Aitken Waterman invented the concept in 1989 as a single for The Reynolds Girls.

Wednesday 23 June 2021

I'm a Homeboy (no K-Rob)

"If you're lookin' for a fad then you got the wrong lad
And if you're lookin' for the same then you caught the wrong train
If you're lookin' for a hack, I'll never write back
But if you're lookin' for the champ, you found the right chap"

Homeboy Sandman - Go Hard
(From his upcoming Anjelitu EP; 2021)

No K-Rob because Homeboy is more of a Rammellzee, natch. This new song has nowt to do Sandman's current slice of life series but the overall effect is the same: some B-Boy Beat Bop shit to soundtrack the battle with your internal monologue.

Monday 21 June 2021

Week Move

Mac Dre - Off The Rictor
(From Heart Of Gangsta - Mind Of A Hustler - Tongue Of A Pimp album; 2000)

Mac Dre - Don't Hate Tha Playa
(From The Game Is... Thick Pt. 2 album; 2004)

Sod a Mac Dre Monday because it's Mac Dre Monday Thru Sunday here at The Martorialist. Thump traffic is at an all time high and both these songs are far better Thizzle Dance records than Thizzle Dance itself. You can't tell me nuffink and you can't spell Mac Dre without MDMA or sumfink.

**EDIT** BigSleep found which Dre DVD the Dubee jibber-jabber from P-Lo's Walked In comes from. Peep 7:30 in this video:

Wednesday 16 June 2021

A Good Combination™

Or, in the case of these two new Homeboy Sandman songs from his Slice of Life YouTube series, A Canny Juxtaposition™ which results in a Full Multimedia Experience™: it's the contrast of recurring word shit-talk Rap with visualz of a rapper doing regular everyday shit. Shit's irregular but it's normal.

Homeboy Sandman - I Got This
(From YouTube; 2021)

Homeboy Sandman - Superman
(From YouTube; 2021)

Boy Sand is kinda like the backpack LL Cool J in that only a dozen people on the planet ever saw him with a full head of hair, and when I say dozen you know what I'm talkin' about, boooooiiiii!

Previously: My Kitchen.

Monday 14 June 2021

Generic list post: 21 not from 2021

6 months deep into this year, here's 21 non-2021 Rap songs which have been all up in there like my ear hair. I don't trust folks who only check for old music, but I also don't trust folks who only check for new music.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Jeff Waz On The Beatbox (live) (1989)
Me & E - Whatcha Need (1989)
KMD - Scrambled Eggs (1992/2021)
Perfection ft. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Understand Perfection (1992)
The Pharcyde - Ya Mama (live on The Word) (1993)
Coop MC - Blue Sunday (1995)
Phil Blunts - On The Attack (video) (1996)
Major Weight Media - Natural (1997)
Sporty Thievz - Ya Don't Stop (1998)
Lil' Sin ft. Mr. Joshay - Love It Or Hate It (1998)
Killah Priest ft. Shangai The Messenger - Atoms To Adam (1998)
Ugly Duckling - Fresh Mode (1999)
Andre Nickatina - Nickatina Says (2000)
KLC ft. Mannie Fresh - No Place Like Home (2006/2021)
Eastside L Boog - Teach U How 2 Jack (2009)
Digital Underground ft. J. Stalin - Hyphy Hump (2010)
Foxx - Friends (2011)
Homeboy Sandman - Conjugal Visit To The Prison Of The Mind (2014)
P-Lo - Boomerang (2020)
CeeFineAss ft. MoneyBagg Yo - Payback 2.0 (2020)
Tony Shhnow - F*ckwitcha (2020)

Thursday 10 June 2021

It Follows

Dru Down - Everywhere I Go
(From Livin' Legend Pt 2 album; 2021)

He's washed up now obviously but Dru's still down to drop one super-catchy slap per album. Someone check the pollen count on this one because it's all up in my head like hayfever. Produced by Donatello who did one of my favourite D squared tracks from a few years back.

Sunday 6 June 2021

Mostly Tha Voice: The Next Level

"I guess we had the right song with the wrong key
Why every time I try to tell you go that you don't leave?
I guess we had the right coat with the wrong sleeves
Even though this shit comin' out my throat It's beeeeyond meeeee"

Reese Youngn - Warrior
(From Warrior single; 2021)

Damn - that lad who went viral for soundin' like Rich Homie Quan gargling with magma on his No More Parties In L.A remix is actually kinda sick huh? Give Warrior to anyone else and it'd be some standard MOR Spotify-core; give it to Reese Youngn to howl fire & brimstone into it and Warrior becomes the molten sound at the core of a man's soul (or sumfink lol.) Basically, it's mostly tha voice which makes this one hit different.

Wednesday 2 June 2021

My Kitchen

Homeboy Sandman - Yup. Do It!
(From YouTube; 2021)

Similar vybz to Conjugal Visit To The Prison Of The Mind with this new Sandman single: a rollerskating jam for literal and figurative eggheads. On one hand, I'm happy to see a kitchen used in a Rap video for something other than pretending to cook crack; on the other hand, I'm disgusted to see Brussels Sprouts in a Rap video. Keep Brussels Sprouts outta Rap videos! Feet too!

Speakin' of feet, this fat-era Sandman single has become a personal favourite. No rollerskates or wheels required here, this is poundin' pavements music. It's often said that New York rappers don't know how to make car music, but Sandman turns that shortcoming into a strength on this one.

Homeboy Sandman - Stroll
(From Hallways album; 2014)

Pardon the pun, but dome blown within the comforts of my own home @ that "do the homeless feel without a home or just feel at home everywhere?" line.

Tuesday 1 June 2021

Can You Phil Me?

Phil Blunts - On The Attack
(From On The Attack 12" single; 1996)

A '96 Yonkers minor classic which never ascended to Tunnel Banger status and now finds itself lost in Random-Rap purgatory. Never in a month of Black Sundays or Blue Mondays did I ever imagine Phil Blunts' On The Attack would have a video but looka here, boys & very occasional girl. Song's hot like quilts... except for that lyric at 01:31. It doesn't ruin the song for me but does make me wince. Why you wanna say that bruv, huh?

Maybe there's another secrete & rare video for Phil's other late 90's single They Don't Really Love Us? If this ain't the most Queens-soundin' song to ever come from Yonkers then I'll eat LL's Kangol hat.

Phil Blunts ft. Black Jesus - They Don't Really Love Us
(From They Don't Really Love Us 12" single; 1997)

Handily, you can get both these songs on the same damn 12" single.