Monday, 18 June 2018

You 48 and you still slappin'? Mmmmm

"The streets talkin', them bullets like HUUUUUMMMM
No name for the blame but a barrel of a gun
But, whoooooa, them streets is cold
And that's the same thing as hot when you on my block, let's go!"

Dru Down ft. Mistah F.A.B - Streets Is Cold
(From G.P. No P.C. Lock Up album; 2018)

Good old man pimpidoo mob music from D Squared & some uncredited breh who sounds vaguely familiar. Moral of the slap? Stick to ya cataplults if you ain't got no aim, lil' hombres. Ideally this one would have dropped on a cassingle with My 501's and For Real (retitled as Tube Socks on Dru's new album.)

*EDIT* Guest is Mistah F.A.B sounding far more contemplative than his usual self.


Unknown said...

It seems that old man Mob Music made a nice comeback recently between this, that C-Bo album last year, and Spice 1's album last year.

Smell Rell said...


Ray Garraty said...

it's not bad but I expected more