Wednesday 31 March 2021

Generic list post: March 2021

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I've played most during the month when Necro's brother from Non Phixion was lookin' a bit rough.
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Jeff Waz On The Beatbox (live) (1989)
Coop MC - Blue Sunday (1995)
Money Boss Players - Yeah (199?/2021)
KLC ft. Mannie Fresh - No Place Like Home (2006/2021)
Digital Underground ft. J. Stalin - Hyphy Hump (2010)
P-Lo - Yours (2021)
City Girls - Twerkulator (2021)
Masters At Work - 69 Steps (1991)
Beabadoobee - Last Day On Earth (2021)

Other notables: fair play - Frankie Tha Lucky Dog's song with Level is a jam; two very unexpected comebacks this month with Snaggapuss and Pretty Tone Capone; Flo Milli's Back Pack (Flora The Explorer) gives me weird feels - like I'm far too old to be listening to this song; I'm bored shitless of new Rap songs which are under two minutes and have nothing resembling a chorus.

Saturday 27 March 2021

Operation CB

You, a square: upon initial contact with this trendy new drumless Rap album, I can deduce that it has redefined how Rappers use negative space to find previously-unexplored new pockets.

Me, a connoisseur: M8, City Girls combined Planet Rock with Percolator and the results are pure Miami Bass Poison Quim madness.

City Girls - Twerkulator
(From the internet; 2021)

Apparently this song got officially cock-blocked by sample clearance. Gonna hazard a guess that Bambaataa was asking for too big a bag since the noncing allegations have left him broke and hiding out in Germany. Never forget!

Wednesday 24 March 2021

God bless YouTube: Jeff & Will Waz On The Box

Rippin' up Showtime At The Apollo in 1989, it's Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince performing Jeff Waz On The Beatbox. Alas, the Apollo crowd were not as receptive to Jeff & Will's charms as the Union Square crowd because there's a stark contrast in energy levelz between artists on the stage and audience in the seats.

Alongside The Girlie Had A Mustache, Jeff Waz On The Beatbox is one of the two tape/CD bonus tracks from the shitty third Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince album which bodies everything on the regular LP. Them crackas at Jive™ f*cked things up big Willie style by relegating both songs to bonus status when they shoulda been the third album's two main singles: Jeff Waz On The Beatbox is a far better tribute to Jazzy Jeff's human-Octopus DJ skillz than Jazzy's Groove, while The Girlie Had A Mustache bangs way harder as a Fresh Prince storytelling yarn than the frankly Godawful I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson. Plus, imagine how hilariously #problematic a video for The Girlie Had A Mustache could be by modern day Cancel Culture standards, right?

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Late pass!

"It's gettin' hot in herre so take off all your nose
I am gettin' so hot that I'm about to take my nose off"

Digital Underground ft. J. Stalin- Hyphy Hump
(From The Greenlight EP; 2010)

As the popular parlance goes, I was today years old when I found out that Digital Underground recorded a Hyphy sequel to The Humpty Dance which interpolates Nelly's Hot In Herre. A legit slumpah which isn't that big a shock since Digital Underground were poppin' pills and wearin' stunna shades in NorCal decades before Mac Dre.

Related thought: is Packet Man (Worth A Packet Mix) the only good CJ Mackintosh remix ever or wot? Shit sounds like a New Jack Swing track produced by Khayree, which is obviously some wonderful shit to sound like.

Sunday 21 March 2021

God didn't make you funky

"Pause for the cause, mouthwash wouldn't hurt at all
Stop tounge-kissing basketballs"

Lord Sear - Ya Mouth Stink
(From Hello! (The Wake Up Call) 12" single; 2000)

B-Side Wins Again from the Mr. Bongo era. Guru made halitosis a hot skit, Lord Sear made it a hot song. This ain't a joke, this ain't a game no mo', this is peak Reality-Rap for doz who brought their nasty niffs through the door. Maximum musical synergy here because Lord Sear's production on this is as funky as the bad breath depicted in his rhymes. It's all luv to 1997's Alcoholic Vibes but Ya Mouth Stink is the song where Sear's radio persona best translated to wax.

It's a pity Sear didn't drop another single with his old C.M Mob famalam DOOM on the production job.

Saturday 20 March 2021

Truly Yours

P-Lo - Yours
(From Yours EP; 2021)

Now that's what I call Sang-Rap! Yours is the song which has officially earned P-Lo his Shmobby Brackins pseudonym. Same Squad proved that P-Lo could write/produce a million dollar solo choon which should be the biggest song in California, but who'd a thunk he'd conjure up the Bay Area R&Bass equivalent of My Boo eh? HBK Gang Bass All Stars Vol. 1 coming soon?

Bonus beats: last year's Get Me Lit was one of those songs I loved which nobody else on the Rap internet gave a f*ck about. Oh well, there's no accounting for everybody else's bad taste ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

P-Lo - Get Me Lit
(From the internet; 2020/Yours EP; 2021)

Monday 15 March 2021

Generic list post: can you believe 1991 was 30 years ago?!?

Transitional, pan-regional, transcendent, pandemonium...

Best way to describe Rap in 1991 - all of the above or with this 50 song list below? A Wonderful 12 months in Rap that I'm still findin' jams from 30 years later. An annum of last hurrahs, grand entrances, artistic peaks, all-time anthems, and sustained plateaus. Let's party like it's 1991 - in a disused Essex warehouse or a Seattle high school gymnasium.

Ice-T - New Jack Hustler
Eric B. & Rakim - Juice (Know The Ledge)
Ice Cube - Steady Mobbin'
N.W.A - Real N*ggaz Don't Die
Slick Rick - Bond
Mac Dre - Da Gift To Gab
Geto Boys - My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me
Scarface - Money And The Power
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime
Digital Underground ft. 2Pac - Same Song
2Pac - Tha Lunatic
Nice & Smooth - Hip Hop Junkies
Gang Starr - Form Of Intellect
Naughty By Nature - O.P.P.
Cypress Hill - Light Another
Black Sheep - Try Counting Sheep
De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
A Tribe Called Quest - Buggin' Out
Leaders Of The New School - Case Of The P.T.A
KMD ft. Brand Nubian - Nitty Griity
Grand Puba - Fat Rat
M.C Breed & DFC - Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin'
Main Source - Looking At The Front Door
Big Daddy Kane - Nuff Respect
Kool G. Rap & D.J Polo - Bad To The Bone (Street Remix)
Biz Markie - What Goes Around Comes Around
Kid Capri - Don't Sweat Me
DJ Quik - Tonite
2nd II None - If You Want It
D-Nice - 25 Ta Life
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - All Souled Out
Heavy D ft. Kool G. Rap, Grand Puba, CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane etc - Don't Curse
Above The Law - 4 The Funk Of It
MC Lyte - Poor Georgie
Positive K - Night Shift
The Convicts - Free World
Chubb Rock - Just The Two Of Us
Too $hort - So You Want To Be A Gangster
MC Pooh - Sex, Money & Murder
Showbiz & A.G. - Giant In The Mental
Compton's Most Wanted - Def Wish
Black A.G. - No Typa Drugdeala
A.Z. Of MobStyle - Don't Dis Nobody
Freestyle Fellowship - Legal Alien
Organized Konfusion - Prisoners Of War
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - The Wacky World Of Mass Transit
Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - I Got To Have It
PHD ft. Cormega - Set It Off
Public Enemy - By The Time I Get To Arizona
39 Posse - Got What It Takes To Make It

Bonus thoughts: I'm genuinely jealous of folk who got to grow up listening to those early Mac Dre EPs; O.P.P. has always been my fave song from Naughty By Nature's first album so I'm happy it's gone from being overplayed to being not played enough; lots of potential honourable mentions here but the two I'm gonna choose are Kraftworks by the UMC's and Easy Star by Poor Righteous Teachers; Tim Dog can, indeed, suck a big fat dick.

Saturday 13 March 2021

If your name's not down, you're not comin' in

Duke Deuce ft. Offset - Gangsta Party
(From Duke Nukem album; 2021)

WHAT DA FUUUUUUUUUUUUUK are Rappers thinkin' by adding Migos guest verses to their songs in 2021? The old adage goes it only takes two people to get a party started, but Duke Deuce woulda been far better off dancing with himself on this one. Gangsta Party is the only song from Duke's latest album which might have as good as Yeh, Crunk Ain't Dead, Bad News and Fat Mac if only he'd have hit Offset with a "not tonight, buddy" at the door. Let's stop the bullshit already, Rap would be a far better place in 2021 if Migos had never existed and Travis Porter had got the beats for Hannah Montana, YRN and Fight Night instead.

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday...

Coop MC - Blue Sunday
(From Home Of The Killers album; 1995)

T-Funk! If Coop MC had been from Houston rather than Fort Worth would Blue Sunday be to Texas what MC Eiht's Streiht Up Menace is to California? I ain't qualified to answer that question tbqh. All I can say with any degree of certainty is that Blue Sunday is one of those Rap songs which will have you pondering your own mortality on any given day of the week. Everybody dies, B - you tuff, you'll be aiight.

Saturday 6 March 2021

Surprise, surprise!

First another member of The Fat Boys carks it, then some unreleased Money Boss Players songs come out, now KLC's shelved The Drum Major album finally drops in full. Been waitin' on this shit since its lead single from 2006.

KLC ft. Fiend & Callicoe - Play It Loud
(From single; 2006/The Drum Major album; 2021)

Nice touch to have Paco Troxclair's Duffy on there even though it's from last decade. An even nicer touch is KLC & Mannie Fresh both giving Hurricane Katrina the finger on their Big Tyme love letter to New Orleans No Place Like Home. Had this song come out in 2006 it woulda been the best ode to the NOLA since 5th Ward Weebie's Supa Sunday In N.O.

"Now, let's talk about this bitch Katrina
F*cked over the city and soaked my Beamer
But it's aiiight, I got money from FEMA
And my new whip is so much cleaner"

KLC ft. Mannie Fresh - No Place Like Home
(From the vaults; 2006/The Drum Major album; 2021)

That "RE-UP!!" ad lib tho.

Friday 5 March 2021

God bless YouTube: Keepin' The Faith

Something I learned today: Ed Lover & Doctor DrΓ© had a 1990 Yo! MTV Raps spin-off called Da Show where Faith No More performed Epic and Edge Of The World live. Check out Mike Patton rigged out in pyjamas + Doc Marten boots, Ed & DrΓ© doing Doo Wop backing vocals on the latter song, and Roseanne Barr's cameo at the end. Makes sense that Ed & DrΓ© would have Faith No More on their show since FNM were the best Rap-friendly Rock band of that era, but still a pleasant surprise on the Worlds Are Colliding™ tip.

From what little online info there is about Da Show, it seems that it was just a one-off special. Pity it didn't blossom into a proper series which ran throughout 1990 with a buncha Worlds Are Colliding™ live performances eh? Picture the cameras rollin as Ed Lover did his Dance while Jane's Addiction played Been Caught Stealing or EMF performed Unbelievable or Suicidal Tendencies brought the house down with Send Me Your Money or Depeche Mode ran through Enjoy The Silence or Danzig knocked out Devil's Plaything or Sonic Youth hit a rendition of Kool Thing or Happy Mondays shambled through Kinky Afro or Slayer cranked out Seasons In The Abyss - such a show woulda been the ultimate Yo! MTV Raps soundclash with 120 Minutes and Headbanger's Ball.

Thursday 4 March 2021

Foe Tha Love Of Money Boss

Things done changed on the Rap Internet when I'm findin' out about a new album of unreleased/rare Money Boss Players songs via Bobby Dee rather than Robbie Ett. Minnesota should just release a double CD Money Boss discography that retails for no more than $20 and isn't some stupid limited edition thing which you only have a 5 minute 3 a.m window to cop. Buying a new Rap CD - can it be all so simple again?

Tuesday 2 March 2021


Conclusive proof that Humpty Hump put the fun into funky via Digital Underground & 2Pac's performance of Same Song in the long-forgetten Dan Aykroyd movie Nothing But Trouble. Highlights include 2Pac in his very first movie appearance pretending to sing the hook, lowlights include Aykroyd as a decrepit Scottish judge who looks like a melted Xmas candle.

Nothing But Trouble is categorically not a good movie. It is, however, a pretty bizarre movie, so a performance of Digital Underground's other song from the soundtrack would have fit right in; Tie The Knot is a song that nobody other than Digital Underground could have ever made and plz believe that's nuttin' but a compliment.

Both Same Song and Tie The Knot later appeared on Digital Underground's This Is An EP Release, which was one of young Marty's favourite tapes of 1991. Bugs me out that EP came out 30 years ago this summer because it's older than some of this blog's readers. Shout out Norma Desmond - I'm not old, it's the people that got young.