Sunday, 21 March 2021

God didn't make you funky

"Pause for the cause, mouthwash wouldn't hurt at all
Stop tounge-kissing basketballs"

Lord Sear - Ya Mouth Stink
(From Hello! (The Wake Up Call) 12" single; 2000)

B-Side Wins Again from the Mr. Bongo era. Guru made halitosis a hot skit, Lord Sear made it a hot song. This ain't a joke, this ain't a game no mo', this is peak Reality-Rap for doz who brought their nasty niffs through the door. Maximum musical synergy here because Lord Sear's production on this is as funky as the bad breath depicted in his rhymes. It's all luv to 1997's Alcoholic Vibes but Ya Mouth Stink is the song where Sear's radio persona best translated to wax.

It's a pity Sear didn't drop another single with his old C.M Mob famalam DOOM on the production job.


d said...

My lifes been missing this, nice one.

Rare case of funny person = funny rapper. Sear shoulda got Rude Jude to rap but hes too dignified smh

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

DOOM, Sear and Kurious shoulda recorded a Smokin' That Shit sequel for Mm.. Food called Chompin' That Shit.

Preferably over DOOM's instrumental with the Rocket In The Pocket sample which was wasted on Monsta Island Czars.

Yohan said...

I've only listened to underground / indie rap between circa '05-'08, listening to horrible music from the likes of Non Phixion and The Arsonists. Over the years I've listened to some newer school stuff such as OME and Homeboy Sandman, but for the rest, I've kinda shunned these rap acts.

I did decide to spin Farewell Fondle 'Em (2001) somewhere during the weekend. I kinda liked some of the songs (Yak Ballz's "Flossin'", Jakki's "Widespread", of course the O.G. "Dead Bent" and also "Alcoholic Vibes". Possibly the first time I've consciously listened to Lord Sear.

Ridiculous coincidence to see his name pop up here today.

That said, I'll die happy if I never have to suffer through "Turn Up The Fucking Bass" again in my lifetime.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


I hate that original version of Dead Bent. LP version FTW forever ever.

Some other Fondle Em 12" songs I like which weren't on the Farewell.. compilation:

MF Grimm - WW III
MHz - Magnetics
Cage - 4 Letter Word
Y@K Ballz - Homepiss

d said...

That Kurious comeback album wasnt bad n i liked his later doom features, I can see it lol

Looking @ the tracklist for that comp now, some hubris on bobbito to include kick a dope verse cos he rapped on it n not Mommy or Youre Late or w e. Bobbitos adlibs though >>>>


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Kurious' Best In The World from 2014 is a total jam.

Included that on my homemade Top Shelf '88 sequel.

L.A said...

Haha this is wicked

Anonymous said...

On the CM Mob tip:

Earthquake Ft. Zev Love X - Checkmate

Always had time for this Kurious feature on Grimm's 3 x disc:

MF Grimm ft. Kurious, Lord Smog - Traveling

...also chalk me up as a big fan of Alcoholic Vibes.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I only heard Checkmate for the first time last year.

Kinda funny that Earthquake and Mr. Fantastik both completely disappeared without trace.

Anonymous said...

Moooar CM Mobb from Stretch & DJ Cucumber Slice...

Gas Drawls (1994 Demo):

MF Grimm - '93 Freestyle:

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I wish there were more DOOM & Kurious songs from that era 😕