Sunday 30 July 2023

Generic list post: July 2023

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I've played most during the month when Australia made up for itsbad sportsmanship in the cricket by dropping 2023's best horror movie so far.

The 45 King - Simply Dope Part 2 (1989)
Dizzee Rascal - Street Fighter (CDQ) (2002/2023)
Z-Ro ft. Shaq - Stop The Rain (2020)
Mic Terror - Lori Lightfoot (2023)
Mic Terror ft. Gzus Piece - Chinese Money (2023)
Gzus Piece - Rich Off Drugs (R.O.D) (2023)
Gzus Piece - Hibiscus (2023)
TREE - I Usually Say How I Feel (2023)
2Humpy & 2Rare - 2Humpy Anthem (2023)
J Hus - Massacre (Colors performance) (2023)
Philip Brophy - Shaan (1993)

Other notables: WTF by Valee & Harry Fraud with Twista has got me fiendin' for a Twista single produced by Harry Fraud; two years later we finally get a remix of Cootie & BiC Fizzle's Supafly; whoever A&Rs for Lola Brooke has clearly been listening to Eatem.

Other stuff: I showed love to Dick Fontaine's 1984 documentary Beat This: A Hip-Hop History and ended up defending Malcolm McLaren from Fontaine's criticism; EttelThun did an M.O.P deep cuts mix and of course he included 187.

Thursday 27 July 2023

R.I.P Sinead O'Connor

So, this is the point where everyone pretends they've always been big Sinead O'Connor fans. See Me? I was a big fan of I Want Your (Hands on Me) being used to marvellous effect twice in the fourth A Nightmare On Elm Street fillum. Pour out a little Jameson for the only Na hÉireannaigh lass to ever record a song with MC Lyte. She was Ireland's first minister of the First Priotity posse and that's word to Auldio Two.

Sinead O'Connor ft. MC Lyte - I Want Your (Hands On Me) (remix)
(From I Want Your (Hands on Me) single; 1988)

Monday 24 July 2023

Now everybody wanna sound Grimey

Dizzee Rascal - Street Fighter
(From pirate radio; 2002/Boy In Da Corner album 20th anniversary reissue; 2023)

Shout outs to Chun-Li, she was THAT bitch! Been fiendin' to hear Dizzee Rascal's Street Fighter in full pristine CDQ for years and finally it's here! Some gobshite enfant terrible Grime recorded for Boy In Da Corner but shelved due to the Street Fighter II sample. Only a myopic 'murican or a frontin' foreigner could possibly deny this song a place in the canon of best video game-sampling Rap choonz alongside Super Brooklyn by Cocoa Brovaz, Mac Man by Beanie Sigel, NBA Live 2004 by Twista, Get It Back by Gucci Mane & 2 Chainz, Lincoln Continental by Danny Brown, 2 Brothers From The Gutter by Percee P & Diamond D, Game Over by Lil' Flip, Cha Cha by D.R.A.M, Eternal by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Never Been by Wiz Khalifa and Human Video Game by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. If Giggs' Monsta Man samples a video game, then that deserves a place in the canon too, natch.

Saturday 22 July 2023

Hickey's On Your Ass

Dick Fontaine's 1984 documentary Beat This: A Hip-Hop History is very much the Beat Street to Style Wars' Wild Style: a corny companion-piece made by outsiders which still captures the magic of early 80s New York. Endure Gary Byrd's dad-rap narration and Afrika Baambaataa with 2 studded belts wrapped around his noggin so you can enjoy such highlights as a DJ cuttin' up Black Grass while the Rock Steady Crew strut their stuff, Kool Herc driving around the Bronx in a droptop Cadillac with gigantic speakers propped up in the back seat, DJ Jazzy Jay on the decks at a basketball court block party, graffiti artist Brim crossing the tracks of an elevated station like he's James Bond to the sound of Jonzun Crew's Space Is The Place, and the Cold Crush Brothers dressed like Rick James' Band doing a live routine over Jeckyll & Hyde's Gettin' Money. There's even an interview with the infamous N.Y vandal squad coppers Hickey & Ski who were later immortalised as Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble on one of Seen's whole car trains.
Malcolm McLaren also pops up to talk about being in New York with Bow Wow Wow and ending up going to a block party deep in the rubble of the South Bronx where he met Afrika Baambaataa. This, of course, lead to McLaren importing Hip-Hop kulcha to Europe via his Buffalo Gals single/video. Back in the late 2000s ya boi Martaveli went to a screening of Dick Fontaine's 1988 follow-up documentary Bombin' hosted by Fontaine where he said he regretted including McLaren in Beat This because ol' Malcolm was "a culture vulture opportunist". O rly? You say opportunistic, we say gave the opportunity to Trevor Horn & Anne Dudley and The World's Famous Supreme Team to record classics like Buffalo Gals, D'ya Like Scratchin'?, World's Famous, and Hey DJ. Malcolm In The Middle™ of greatness: music which could have never existed without his galaxy brain impresario vision of putting Horn & Dudley with two New York radio DJs. Plus, if we're talkin' posh English blokes accusing each other of being "culture vulture opportunists" then what did Dick Fontaine ever do for Hip-Hop other than those two documentaries? Name 3 Ultramagnetic MC's songs, m8!

Needless to say, some of the Beat This scenes featuring that nonce Afrika Baambaataa have NOT aged well, particularly the one where he meets some young lads in a dark room and then takes them away with him. Cash Money was an army, Zulu Nation was a grooming gang.

Tuesday 18 July 2023

He used to hold my teeth, I used to call him braces

J Hus - Massacre (Colors performance)
(From YouTube; 2023)

J Hus metaphors givin' me flashbacks of Hell Rell's album cover. Massacre is ya host's favourite example of the Roadrapfrobeats sound on Hus' new album, but I prefer this Colors performance to the studio version. "They never seen such a skinny man in a big puffer jacket" back for 2023, baby! As demonstrated here, Hus has a very malleable natural mouthpiece, which is why it deactivates my chakra when he smothers his voice in generic Auto-Tune on certain songs. Now, let's get a Dreck-less Colors performance of Who Told You next.

Monday 17 July 2023

Beloved by bitches like brown UGGs

"Like to think I'm kinda smart, a n***a coulda been a surgeon
Like the same Gzus Piece in a slightly different person"

Gzus Piece - Rich Off Drugs (R.O.D)
(From Rich Off Drugs (R.O.D) single; 2023)

"To obtain the biscuit one first must risk it
These is non-fiction bars I be throwin' like discus"

Gzus Piece - Hibiscus
(From Hibiscus single; 2023)

Don't get it twisted, Gzus Piece is also lightin' up #MondayMass like Christmas with new techniques which are more holistic mixed with pimp shit and some spiritualistic. Here at The Martorialist we're perennially in a 12" single state of mind, so these two singles go together like Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett as an A-side and B-side. I swear both songs is all chicken whether they're wings or they're tenders.

True story: Rich Off Drugs is the first time I've come across the word Sassafras since Green Day dropped Dookie.

Sunday 16 July 2023

Girl, Gou know it's true

Peggy Gou - (It Goes Like) Nanana
(From (It Goes Like) Nanana single; 2023)

Peggy Gou's latest single being Britain's inescapable ipso facto 2023 Song of The Summer is the universe correcting its two previous mistakes of Starry Night not blowing up in 2019 and Dreck ruining J Hus' 2023 summer anthem. Much like Starry Night was kinda like a City-Pop House version of Bananarama's Aie a Mwana, (It Goes Like) Nanana is kinda like a City-Pop House version of Bananarama's Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye). More importantly, it's the only song which can unite BooHooMan lads, ASOS "Get The Look" lasses, Primani Joes & Joannes, Stone Island scallies, Gorpcore zoomers and Gen X Clobber Connoisseurs™ on British pub dance floors right now. It's a beautiful thing when a song you love by an artist you like takes over the real world innit? Hat tip to XL and ATB.

Wednesday 12 July 2023

My Mind Spray 11

Myopic New Yorkers won't admit it, but MC Shy D rocked that navy & red leather Adidas Superstar tracksuit better than Run-D.M.C. Naturally, I had to cop the polyester version when Adidas reissued it 2017, and it was notably rocked by Maine Musik. Adidas' last great Superstar tracksuit before the brand switched to cheaper materials and added that damn contrast piping to all the tops.

Listening to Z-Ro's new single with Shaquille O'Neal has got me wondering whether Shaq prefers The Life of Joseph W. McVey or Let The Truth Be Told? The former is the more consistent album, but the latter's highlights are the best shit Z-Ro's ever recorded.

YouTube currently recommending me Loon interviews has reminded me of a few things: This Ain't Funny is a deep cut which really shoulda been a street single; flipping Schoolly D's Saturday Night into some Fake Neptunes jiggyness on How You Want That was a minor stroke of Bad Boy genius; Loon ghostwrote one of my favourite Puffy lines ever with "have you ever been to St. Tropez and seen a brother play a mandolay?" on I Need A Girl Part 2.

An A&R who shoulda been fired: the label guy at Big Beat Records who decided that the A-side of Percee P & Ekim's debut 12" single should be the middling Now They Wanna See Me rather than the killer Puttin' Heads To Bed or the fast-rap classic Lung Collapsing Lyrics. You had one job and you blew it twice, m8.

One of the absolute worst things about the Rap Internet is that it's fulla gormless basic bastards who primarily talk about music in terms of maths - be it first week sales, streaming numbers, view counts, chart positions, social media followers, Top 5 MC lists, "1 Gotta Go" polls and release date anniversaries. These lads are a buncha L7s and when I say L7 I ain't talkin' about Donita Sparks & Dee Plakas, booiiiiiii.

Monday 10 July 2023

I promise anybody can get it like I'm a communist

"I keep my glock in a purse, you can't endorse it
Oh, you forgot about 2Pac in the corset?
Or Cameo with the red cup on his nuts
You old n*ggas need to shut the f**k up!"

Mic Terror ft. Gzus Piece - Chinese Money
(From Chinese Money single; 2023)

Took me a while to warm to comrade Gzus Piece's flow here, but now I've acclimatised and everything is all Bisto. In fact, it's the exact sort of graviness I want from a 2023 Mic Terror & Gzus Piece song. Check the optimum #ClobberTalk in Mic T's verse defending man-bags from the criticisms of sartorially-stunted old headz with selective memories and Polly Pocket mentalities. These streets are like Baghdad if you ain't carrying your gentlemen's essentials in a man-bag. Less essential, however, is Gzus Piece's fleece jacket in the video. Gorpcore victims have a lot to answer for with making an eyeball-polluting fabric like fleece aesthetically acceptable. The black sheep of Gorp-gear, it's the clobber equivalent of an ironic mullet.

"They let me in with the strap, but they vaccined Cardi B
Why the f**k they sell junk food at the pharmacy?
R. Kelly at a high school game ain't as hard as me
I don't give a f**k, Robert still the king of R&B"

Mic Terror - Lori Lightfoot
(From Lori Lightfoot single; 2023)

Catching up on some of the recent #MondayMass tracks and this one is a jam 4 real in the Mic Terror canon. Still containing multitudes, still reppin' Harold's Chicken Shack, still Chicago's Papi of #Problematic Rap. Real talk, why do they sell Chupa Chup lollipops in pharmacies?

Friday 7 July 2023

My Mind Spray 10.5

Such a shame it's not cool to check for TREE anymore because his recent 10 Mac 11's song is as good as his classic shit and categorically bodies most of the trendy Rap which folks are currently goin' cuckoo for on the internet.

Juvenile & Mannie Fresh's Tiny Desk show was so good I'm hankering for a part two where they perform Bounce For The Juvenile, Solja Rag, Follow Me Now, U Understand, I Got That Fire, Nolia Clap and Get Ya Hustle On. Let Mannie get his roll on with a live rendition of Real Big too.

True story: the San Francisco Funk-Metal band Mordred invented Bay Area Slap in 1989. Their music actually slapped while the 80s Rap music by Too $hort, Calvin-T, Magic Mike, Digital Underground, The Mac, Mac Dre etc more accurately bumped or knocked. Mordred also invented Nu-Metal because they were the first Rock band to have a DJ cuttin' shit up on their songs.

I'm definitely in the midst of a mid-life crisis because I just copped that second Super7 Slick Rick toy figure to go with the first figure. I've kept both them shits carded and hung 'em on the wall as art. Wouldn't say no to Super7 doing two Mac Dre figures for #balance: one in his What's Really Going On? outfit and one in his Treal T.V 2 Hawaii outfit.

If you thought Jim Jones' late 2000s bootcut jeans were bad, check out these bellbottomed monstrosities he wore recently. Ironically, he isn't even wearing the worst jeans in that picture. Pix like that make me grateful that my love affair with Rap music began in the 80s when its practioners actually wore cool clobber.

Wednesday 5 July 2023

Same old Aussies, always melting

A while back our cobber King Kos recommended a 1993 Ausploitation horror flick by the name of Body Melt. Very relevant to Martorialist interests, the movie is a gross-out splatterfest in the vein of Peter Jackson's early flicks which features such Aussie TV luminaries as him wot played Harold Bishop in Neighbours, him wot played Toby Mangel in Neighbours, and him wot played Matthew the ghost in Round The Twist series two. But the best thing about Body Melt has gotta be the soundtrack by the movie's director Philip Brophy. Each character/set of characters has their own theme, with the highlight being the score for the baddest bitch Australian big pharma has ever seen AKA Shaan. On one hand, it's the least Australian song ever because it sounds like one of Yuzo Kishora's Rave-inspired Streets of Rage tracks. On the other hand, the song has a gonzo bluntness which is pure Aussie bogan. Throw the good sportsmanship on the Bar-B, m8.

Philip Brophy - Shaan
(From Body Melt soundtrack; 1993)

Monday 3 July 2023

Go fight some other guy

"Your love lookin' through my phone? I can keep that shit
Your love ask you where I'm goin'? You can keep that shit
Don't tell me go see my hoes, 'cause I'll go see that bitch
'Cause either with you or without you Ima be THAT shit
Now I do want you around, but I don't need that shit
You say some mean-ass shit, I think you mean that shit
If it's a toxic situation I will leave that shit
We don't gotta fight to f*ck, just say you need that d*ck
I just need a rolled blunt and a clean-ass crib
And a home-cooked meal from a sweet-ass chick
With a nice booty and some DD-ass t*ts
And I'll be home and outta trouble and I won't be in the mix"

Mic Terror - Is This Love?
(From Is This Love? single; 2023)

Mic Tre on that Devin The Broski shit with this one. Suga Free once said love ain't nothin' but two people feelin' sorry for each other, Mic's stance is more love ain't nothin' but two people learnin' to tolerate each other. Or, to paraphrase Brand Nubian, love me by leavin' me alone. Anyhoo, give our boy a Black Excellence Oscar for delivering some of the best domestic argument faces in a music video since Terrence Howard in Ashanti's Foolish clip.