Tuesday, 24 September 2019

MT Plays It Cool

"She love me long time 'cause I'm so special
She holdin' me and cryin' and she won't let go
Bad things come to an end sorta like Eckō, FUBU, and No Limit Apparel
Tell that n*gga Wale that we serious about our Harold's
Say somethin' 'bout Sharks and n*gga's gonna see the barrels"

Mic Terror - Heaux Love Me
(From YouTube; 2012)

File this under 'underrated jams which will feature in ya boy's Best Rap Songs of the 2010s list.' Cleo's Apartment by Marvin Gaye was always destined to be flipped into some fly Midwesternplayalistichickenshopmuzik and BJ The Chicago Kid clearly agreed. Word around Chi-Town, Drew Barber banned Mic Terror from the FakeShoreDrive office after he dissed Master P's clothing line on this song.

Bonus beats: another underrated 2012 Chicago jam which'll also feature in ya boy's end-of-the-decade list. Same energy as Heaux Love Me, but with a twist of TREE's Soul Trap™. Great unintentional video moment at 1:11 when one of the Windy City's infamous gusts blows Giftz man's cap right offa his head. His hat, it done took flight!

"Whip so sick I don't need to chain
2 white girls I don't need no 'caine, mane
Bitch so lame I don't need no game
Glock so big I don't need no gang
18 shots I don't need no aim
Cops roll round I ain't gon' slang
You can just call me Nino, mane"

Young Giftz ft. TREE - Nino
(From YouTube; 2012)


Andrew Barber said...

LOOOOOOOOL Mic T is always has the open invite w/ me

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

God bless FSD for being the only site to cover the Wale/Harold's situation.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Gah, sorry anonymous - I deleted your comment instead of publishing it.

GGGGG said...

Fuck Wale!!

Anonymous said...

I am utterly shocked that Dru Down’s dad is Bootsy Collins.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Oh that's bullshit. There was a rumour back in't day that RBX was Booty's son and that was equally bullshit.

Andrew Barber said...

i saw Wale get BIG boo'd in 2011 at a Heineken concert after he said the Harold's line. Some people even left. Chicago doesn't play when it comes to Harold's.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Everything's real in the field 🐓