Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Can You Phil Me?

Phil Blunts - On The Attack
(From On The Attack 12" single; 1996)

A '96 Yonkers minor classic which never ascended to Tunnel Banger status and now finds itself lost in Random-Rap purgatory. Never in a month of Black Sundays or Blue Mondays did I ever imagine Phil Blunts' On The Attack would have a video but looka here, boys & very occasional girl. Song's hot like quilts... except for that lyric at 01:31. It doesn't ruin the song for me but does make me wince. Why you wanna say that bruv, huh?

Maybe there's another secrete & rare video for Phil's other late 90's single They Don't Really Love Us? If this ain't the most Queens-soundin' song to ever come from Yonkers then I'll eat LL's Kangol hat.

Phil Blunts ft. Black Jesus - They Don't Really Love Us
(From They Don't Really Love Us 12" single; 1997)

Handily, you can get both these songs on the same damn 12" single.


L.A said...

Never heard these before.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Where u at #PhilBluntsHive?