Saturday 10 February 2024

God blessed

"This the next to connect, bitch, you gotta understand
I'm the real Mac God I can never be ya man
Choose your words wisely or you can catch a backhand"

Mac God Dbo - A Whole Brick
(From A Whole Brick single; 2024)

Rando slap tremendo courtesy of an affiliate of MacBlast and Philthy Rich. Town biznezz with enough womp womp to make ya baby mum's Honda sound like a cosmic car, and a flow which sounds like constipated Turf Talk. Thankfully misleading title because this song has nowt to do with nose candy or kitchen stoves. Result: it's ah slumper.

PS: pour out a little Pilsner for Can's Damo Suzuki. I wonder if Heaven got a Soho where Damo and Burt Kwouk can recreate the Mother Sky scene from Deep End?

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