Saturday 24 February 2024

Mobby-Dick (part 3)

"I can't listen to the law, I'm disobedient
'Cause shakin' 5.0 gettin' tedious
I'm a pro, bitch, this ain't intermediate
'Cause MDMA was the ingredient"

Ezale - Do It All Night
(From Do It All Night single; 2024)

We talked Ezale's new single when the visualiser clip dropped, but that shit is gettin' another post because the Pot Pot of The Pillionaire's Boys Club's songs always pop hardest with proper videos. We got son lookin' wired, we got wenches lookin' sultry, and we got posters of The Mack and the 2Pac, E-40 & Boots Riley picture on the walls. For the life of me tho, I can't work out which James Belushi flick is playing on the TV? Movie guys, pick up the slap-phone and dial M for Martorialist.

Eleven years on, somebody needs to convince Ezale to record a 5 Minutes Of Funktown sequel. Crazy visionz, BOOM: these are the 5 beats it'd jack:

Whodini - Magic's Wand (1982)
Vicky D - This Beat Is Mine (1981)
Dru Down - Pimp Of The Year (1993)
Ago - Stop Your Life (1982)
Digital Underground ft. 2Pac - Same Song (1991)

Fun fact: when you search for Ago's Stop Your Life on YouTube it takes you to a special suicide prevention page. Here at The Martorialist we say DON'T DO IT like Big Fun.


Spartan said...

The Jim Belushi clips are from The Principal (1987).

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Cheers. I knew you'd know. All I knew is that it wasn't Red Heat or K-9.

I remember the trailer but I never saw The Principal.