Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Tonite's probably not the night

It ain't that I'm impatient, it just seems a trifle unfair that you Atlanta rap stans can get mixtapes from Future and Young Thug every other month, but us Oakland rap mavens can't even get Ezale's Day Ones song five months after he first posted a snippet of it on Twitter. How's Ezale #GoneBringThisTownShitBack when he's becoming the Jay Electronica of Oakland in terms of productivity as a recording artist?

A lil' detective work reveals Day Ones is a World's Freshest production and it's set to appear on a Tonite Show album Ezale & DJ Fresh are set to drop late february/early march. Potentially, this could be the best Tonite Show since DJ Fresh teamed up with Mozzy in 2013, but as exciting as that notion is I'd settle for Day Ones dropping tonight instead because I ain't heard a new rap song I've really liked since Hard For by Kevin Gates.


Russ said...

Did you miss the e-40 and nef song with rick rock?


Si Mane Price said...

Nah, I heard it. Song does what it says on the tin but I've not really been inspired to listen to it over and over and over again.

Anonymous said...

This fool got a blunt up his nose??

Si Mane Price said...

Whilst hanging out with Diplo no less.

James said...

Only Tonite Show I'm up on is the Freddie Gibbs one. What's some other good ones?

Si Mane Price said...

All time: D-Lo (still looking for this on CD)

Recent years: Mozzy

If you're feelin' adventurous: Keak Da Sneak (Maxi Pads is my fave Fresh beat ever)

Zwoop nation said...

"Bankroll" on Skooly's new tape is fantastic. Wish he would release a song of only singing. Wish Future would release an EP with only Nard & B. Surprised at your Kevin Gate's choice - that is the only track that I skip on his album other than The Truth.

Si Mane Price said...

Re: Hard For - anything that sounds like it comes from Bubba's Deliverance is right up my road.

Problem from that Skooly EP sounds good too.

d said...

Was talking to someone bout this recently, we both lost a heap of the Tonite Shows in hard drive crashes ages ago and been struggling to find em. Theyre relatively consistent in general imo

Cant remember which J Stalin ones were good but he has at least 2 v good Fresh ones
remember Chris The 5ths being good but I lost it
Keaks one has some great shit on it
Young Gullys has some slaps but hes p boring to me, same with Shady Nates 2 or 3 Fresh albums

Id personally shell out on:
D-Los one is undeniably the goat
San Quinns
Messy Marvs even though its v short
Smigg Dirty(he has 2 though cant remember which)

Some fully produced albums by that team arent called "Tonite Show" though, one of my fav Jacka songs is on a comp w that title, its a bit confusing

Si Mane Price said...

D-Lo's Hardest In The Bay song from that comp was hot too.

Yeah, HD's album wasn't a Tonite Show for some reason.

d said...

Ah yeah HDs one was nice, theres a good few like that. J Stalin had a few called The Real World.

iirc one of Shady Nates had an early solo based god feature, he actually showed up on a few Livewire songs round then funnily enough.

If you dont go mad to that Mess one w the New Edition flip you are missing some vital ingredients imo

noz said...

did you catch this yelawolf deliverancewave thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ndpryp2OlUQ i have intensely mixed feelings about it

Si Mane Price said...

Did Messy Marv ever rap over that song with the New Edition sample on any of his other albums? That shit was way too nice to be an instrumental.

I'd not heard that Yelawolf before, no. Hmmm, it's certainly better than the other two singles I heard from that album (the one with Eminem + the one about whiskey.)

rym snitch said...

Based on a True Story is the early (2007 I think?) Shady Nate and DJ Fresh collab with the Lil B feature on, it's actually a really good album, Nate isn't the most interesting rapper imo and the beats really carry it for me. It's weird to hear Lil B on a bay area street release, I think his career might've benefited from doing it more often tbh.

J Stalin & Mayback - The Real World Part 2: East West Oakland Edition is all DJ Fresh and probably one of the best I've heard.

The Real World Vol. 3 and The Tonite Show With Mistah Fab (2005 or 2006) are decent.

d said...

Yeah itd be a shame if he hasnt, there has to be someone out there familiar with all his thatd know. It def works as is though.

Si Mane Price said...

Let's talk about Stalin's current single since it's a Fresh production.

I ain't a killer but don't push me, home invasions on Instagram comments haterz is the sweetest joy next to gettin' pussy.

d said...

done over one of my fav rap video performers remade the only watchable thing Kevin Smiths ever done https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpyBPwCmfn0

hafta circle round to Marv once again. Droop-E shouldve thrown this on that Sade ep.

Bruv for someone running on a staunch anti 2pac platform you prob make use of his quotables more than anyone elses.

Starting to feel you more on this cos a decade on the Pac/Kanye stardom comparisons are rly holding weight with their kinda annoying personalities being steadily magnified by their annoying af fans. I can see myself feeling the same if I grew up on him at his height like how Yes been spoilt on me

d said...

yeh and Based on a True Storys the one I liked most despite Nate being kinda a snooze

I dont like Fabby at all but theres some incredible shit on that one. Its ungoogleable obv but there was this one song called Go that I used to have on repeat. where did that throwback electro/80s rap bay shit start? thinking bout it now, Mekanix and Frsh n em were way into it then even

theres all that Lee Majors shit too. Like hyphy itselfs kinda this, Rick Rocks definitely a big one too. reverence for old shit seems common there, Spice 1, Dru Down, 40 and Marv werent averse to covering/interpolating that stuff in the 90s. Maybe some ones just never stopped being a staple for DJs like Triggaman

Si Mane Price said...

Everybody in Oakland got an uncle who owns everything Larry Smith and Davy DMX ever produced?

It was more Drew & Dan who were anti-2Pac. Pour Out A Little Liquor is a G.O.A.T song I love a lot of the Death Row era shit, but his stans were always fun to troll. In hindsight, even the most rabid 2pac stans of those days were preferable to the Jay-Z vs Nas bores and myopic Drake fanboys we have now.

Don't get it twisted, though - anyone who thinks 2pac's run from Me Against The World to 7 Day Theory is fuckin' with Ice Cube's run from AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted to The Predator is still insane.

David said...

The Messy Marv Tonite Show feels like it was incomplete but it has some of my fav fresh beats ever on it

HD not a tonight show but def my vote for best Fresh project overall

Smigg Dirty tonite show is hella underrated

agree about j stalin real world part 2, and the shady nate tape mentioned, and of course mozzy

d said...

the Thug Life albums certainly not touching Guerillas In Tha Mist anyways

rym snitch said...

As an outsider I just guess that stuff like Egyptian Lover and West Coast Poplock were big in the bay, I don't really know though and am trying to find out more.

Lee Majors has one of those amazing wtf voices, I think he switched up his delivery a bit in the 00s though, I need to hear those side industry releases properly - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QxvbcsIiaQ&list=PL2PVhD3FHFWrUhhe8S522X-l-tRIbLpul

Si Mane Price said...

A-Wax should remake Egyptian Lover's I Cry (Night After Night).

d said...

yeh David, Broke N**ga might be top 5

That Side Industry song is hard, never knew hed been around that long let alone had a 3xKrazy cover band.

Yeh I wish someone could add some context with it cos its def not just short term its v consistent, with regular touchstones etc. Id love to see someone break down the ancestry of certain flows/production trends for a wiki or something, like theres this whole style a lot of bay dudes had in the late 90s like T-Nutty, Yukmouth, Mob Figaz & A-Wax Im curious about. Its not double time rly its just like theyre in a rush?

d said...

an A-Wax Tonite Show might break him through the sadsack rap glass ceiling

turd butt said...

seeing ezale standing next to diplo fucking ruined my week

Si Mane Price said...

Gonna pretend this upcoming A-Wax song is a DJ Fresh beat.

Also wanna clarify that the Keak Tonite Show I'm stanning for is the O.G version with Messages From The Stars as a bonus track.

Si Mane Price said...

Diplo brought E-40 & Ezale out on stage too.

(Only rap media I read in 2016 is Oakland rapper's Instagrams, tbh.)

Fred said...

The HD - Fresh album is definitely one of my favourite Fresh's/The Whole Shabang-produced album. No one mentionned Mitchy Slick's Feet Match The Paint even though that one was pretty good too imo.

From what I've heard though, if a song doesn't have his trademark "dj fresh dj fresh dj fresh" on the intro, then it's produced by one of his TWS henchmen.

To finish, a few years back a french crew compiled some of his then-best songs, plus a compilation with some songs he sampled : http://fusilsapompe.tumblr.com/post/15302112687/fusils-a-pompe-georges-fr%C3%AAche-money-best-of-dj

They called it after an infamous french politician, and if you're willing to go back in twitter time, he did a lil twet about how in France people called him George or something like that, pretty funny.

Si Mane Price said...


So, are we all agreed Beeda Weeda's Baserock Babies is the G.O.A.T Fresh production that's not on any album?

Fred said...

Strong contender for sure. Beeda Weeda has a pretty good catalog as well, just another story of a talented Bay dude that'll never really make it into the light.

d said...

Yeh from what I understand the "where the white women at" drop means its Jamon Dru, who I assumed did a lot on D-Los since its a p stark departure to my ears, could just be D-Lo wasnt lying when he said he produced on it though. think Mike Rimzo has a relatively distinct sound too, more 80s r&b/sample based, no idea bout the others.

The funs more in figurng out the common thread with collectives nowadays, a lot of the guesworks been removed w producer drops and outside work w less exclusive deals etc. like some combo of the words lush 80s funk minimalists spread throughout all this but I think its just how its mixed? or like w Scott Storch & Mel-Man you work backwards to see whats missing

d said...

here, the goat non Tonite Show Fresh beat is Cocaine Cowboys

Si Mane Price said...

Discogs has all the production credits for D-Lo's one. Fresh was more like an executive producer for that album because a quarter of the songs were D-Lo's earlier loosies from 2007/2008.

d said...

Ah right, makes sense. I see one of the outside dudes even had a drop now that I see the credits.

So did No Hoe blow up before he hooked up w Fresh then?

Si Mane Price said...

Yeah, that was a big song on MySpace in 2008.

d said...

Always sucked when producers would just get thrown together at the end of the liner notes, I always wanted a better idea who was behind which songs on stand outs like King Of Da Playaz Ball or w e. Biggest let down is that old regional indie trend where it wasnt not even ghost/co-producing and the individual producers are just jumbled up together for no reason in the list. Suppose we should be content with any credits

d said...

Funny, always assumed that was my intro to DJ Fresh

Si Mane Price said...