Sunday 14 February 2016

What is love?

Diana Ross famously reckoned love is a hangover that requires no hair of the dog, whilst Suga Free once described it as a condition which amounts to "nothin' but 2 people feelin' sorry for each other then hittin' divorce court to pay child support to your baby's mother." Be it on your own heart whether you're a lover or a hater in the game of romance, but don't even front like the real Max Romeo ain't got a joint for every Valentine's Day from now to 2021.

"My bitch she nice behind the wheel
I be poppin' outta the window, I'm nicer with the steel"

Max B - I Gotta Have It
(From Wavie Crockett mixtape; 2008)


Anonymous said...

Max has so many joints

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Let the record show Makkonnen only lost weight after I said he looked like Ricki from My So Called Life if he'd eaten all the pies.

Frank G said...

Very profound Suga Free line