Monday 29 February 2016

Loonie Gee part 2

"I couldn't see you with another man rollin' in sand
Strollin' through the park in the dark holdin' his hand
Me and you versus the world was only the plan
I know it get rough, but I'm doin' all that I can"

Jagged Edge ft. Jermaine Dupri & Loon- Promise (Cool JD Remix)
(From Promise single; 1999)

Possibly a top 5 So So Def remix of all time, definitely the only Rap & Bullshit song to survive with its romantic streak intact after someone croons the word snatch during the opening 30 seconds. Loon's always been dismissed as the Yak Ballz to Ma$e's Cage, but he was far more tender-hearted than his progenitor Betha, and he'd probably be more fondly remembered if he'd stuck with So So Def after Harlem World disbanded and dropped a solo album in 2000/2001 with Jermaine Dupri at the helm. JD coulda even jacked Magic's Wand by his old pals Whodini for one of the album's singles.

No shots at Puffy's A&R-ing of Loon, mind - how could you be mad at the man who let Loonie Gee ghostwrite and guest on the greatest love-rap of the noughties and then instructed Yogi to revamp Schoolly D's Saturday Night into one of the best fake-Neptunes beats ever for the kid Chauncey's debut single?


Yeldarb said...


d said...

think its "hard to find like moonpie" not "mumbai" on This Aint Funny since its a regional snack

whoa checked the discogs and Id no idea Yogi was still working, gonna investigate

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I quoted it as moonpie in the O.G post but then changed it to Mumbai when I was searching it to link yesterday. I can hear it as either everytime I listen to the damn song. I sorta hope it's Mumbai 'cause it's a funnier rhyme between "moon-rise" and "2 pies".

It's good that Loon has his own version of the eternal Ma$e "French/fresh clothes" lyric debate.

d said...

Mumbais def the better one, brings up the image of Loon staring at a spinning globe intensely.

Mad that the one upside of Rap Genius, minus the unintentional lulz, hasnt been capitalized on - bringing all the ppl argueuing and justifying hilariously misheard lyrics together. We all have a couple of good ones each at least and theyre still going unheard cos well, Rap Genius.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Maybe Loon was still searching for Mumbai when he got busted in Belgium for trafficking smack?

d said...

well at least he knows where Mecca is now.