Wednesday 7 January 2015

Very brief thoughts on Sremmlife

Nobody told Alan Hansen that Rae Sremmurd are the rap game Gary & Phil Neville?

How come Rae Sremmurd brought back Stupid Fruity Crazy Swag with the 2nd song on their debut album and then drafted in some fella called Jace as its guest instead of Da Juiceman?


skerbz said...

blame mikewillmadeit (he owns both of em, no one owns juice man)

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Album should have stayed an EP and ran like this, imo:

1. Lit Like Bic
2. Unlock The Swag
3. No Flex Zone
4. This Could Be Us
5. Throw Sum Mo
6. No Type
7. Safe Sex Pay Checks

Undecided on Up Like Trump.

RMH said...

"YNO" >>>>>>

GGGGGGG said...

My X is the only dud for me.