Thursday 29 January 2015

Time to get laid, blow up like the World Trade

John Carpenter - Night
(From Lost Themes album; 2015)

Imagine if Night was composed as the score to that infamously cut blow-up doll scene from The Thing. Then imagine if the track was intended to accompany extreme close-up shots of Kurt Russell's gurning face as he repeatedly thrusts his todger deep within his inflatable date's rubber love-slot. Hope dude didn't cop Miss Latex Labia from Del Boy & Uncle Albert or else the scene's inevitable climax is not going to be a Sexual Eruption of the Snoop variety.

There's a lotta music on this new John Carpenter Lost Themes album which sounds ripe to be spat over. Unfortunately, you just know that Flatbush Zombies are gonna be the first rappers to have a stab at it. No shots, but I kinda wish someone would take a stab at Flatbush Zombies, Michael Myers-style.


Fulci Lives said...

Haven't completely made my mind up over the new JC album yet. It's a bit over-produced and complex on some songs.

Would love to see a Martorialist list or possible compilation of quality rap songs that have sampled Carpenter, though.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I think there's loads of '90s Memphis rap that went hard with Carpenter samples, but I don't know shit about most of that stuff, tbh.

Top 5 favourite songs to sample the Halloween theme is the best I can do right now.

1. Ice-T - The Tower
2. U.N.L.V - Drag Em N Tha River
3. U.N.L.V - N*gga I'm Bout It
4. Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Lookin' For Da Chewin'
5. Project Pat - Weak N*ggaz

Fulci Lives said...

The Tower is a personal fave of mine too.

Cool seeing some of his other movies got sampled too,

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Rap songs that sound like they sample John Carpenter scores even though they don't:

Fam Lay - Skrung Owt
Vic Spencer ft. TREE - Profound
Ice-T - Drama
Prodigy ft. Twin Gambino - Box Cutter

El Guapo said...

Tear Da Club Up Thugs "CrazyNDaLazDayz" had three songs with Carpenter samples, two from "Assault on Precint 13" and one from "Halloween". Mhh, Tricky did "Assault" too, but that turned out unlistenable.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I guess I should probably check that Tear Da Club Up Thugs album out.

noz said...

yeah i am deeply suspicious of any company that would commission for a john carpenter album and call zola jesus before dj paul

d said...

Man theres a 6 in The Mornin remake on it and its incredible.

Yeah Ive found its like every other song w certain old Memphis people, horror soundtracks in general. Phantasm, Friday The 13th etc

d said...

Stall Ive totally got 6 In The Mornin remake confused with something else nm

Alex said...

I love that he made a shreddin-ass-shredding synth-prog rock album instead of the tense minimalist opus everybody expected. And it is a little overblown at times but still very enjoyable.

BenH said...

The Wire blind test piece last month seems to suggest he's not into rap but on paper at least a John Carpenter + Patrick Houston combo sounds pretty good.