Thursday 22 January 2015

UnLox The Swag

The reason no one will ever write a definitive guide to rap music is because the people who make rap music also make the factual nuts and bolts behind it as confusing as possible. Like, I always thought the pre-Lox Warlocks era material was produced by the Bomb Squad but recently discovered they only went by the Warlocks moniker on Set It Off from the 2nd Main Source album and all their 1992 - 1994 demo tracks were actually recorded under the group name of The Bomb Squad despite them not being produced by the Bomb Squad or having any affiliation to the Bomb Squad whatsoever. The fuck?

About the only thing I can be certain of here is that, despite any involvement from Mr. Kill That Faggot, some of those Bomb Squad demo tracks were the hardest shit since Pretty Tone Capone. Personal favourite has to be Illegal Shit where Jadakiss, Sheek, & a gentleman by the name of Billy Loose Screws competed to see who could say the trifest shit imaginable as DJ Kasper cut up Spencer Davis Trio's I'm A Man beneath them:

The Bomb Squad ft. Billy Loose Screws - Illegal Shit
(From pre-Warlocks demos; 1993)

Pub quiz trivia: Billy Loose Screws was the late Bill Blass who you'll probably know as the teenager sitting next to Rakim in the classic Paid In Full posse picture and the guy Kool G. Rap namechecks as his accomplice in murder on the first verse of Ill Street Blues. Truth be told, he kinda murdered Jada & Sheek on their own shit here too.


Ruben said...

I wish The Lox rapped over beats like this

step one said...

The same Bill Blass mentioned by Large Pro on Live At The BBQ then?

Im am/was a big LOX/Jada fan but never got round to checking the demos and 'Before The Lox' mixtapes/ Based on this I'm gonna have to investigate.

(also: that Paid In Full Posse pic is probably the best rap photo ever)

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The very same Bill Blass. Duh @ me forgetting his most famous mention.

There's a weird alternate medley version of 24 Hours To Live/Money, Power, Respect that's a bonus track on Before The L.O.X - you know owt about that?

d said...

If Bill Blass is the last dude he definitely made a show of them. Maybe its the heavy NY accent but he even sounds a bit like PT imo

This name shits more confusing than the various Biggie Smallses.

ASAP Toadfish said...

As Joe Mangel used to say - 'Strewth!'

H.L. said...

Holy shit. Is there more?!

step one said...

nope but would love to hear it hear it if you wanna send it my way

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Check the Before The L.O.X mixtape.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

So, this Bill Blass is an entirely different Bill Blass to the Bill Blass I thought.

This Bill Blass is a Yonkers rapper who a legendary battle with DMX.