Tuesday 20 January 2015

Another mystery solved

The mystery: why was Ty Dolla $ign wearing a fingerless leather Legion of Doom glove in the Paranoid in-studio performance video?

The theory: Lupe Fiasco was due in the studio next to record Next To It and Ty needed something to keep his hand clean when removing the stick from Lupe's arse.

The outcome: perennial killjoy Lupe lightened up, fully commited to the spirit of Ty's "everything look better with a bitch next to it" concept via lines such as "everything look better with a titty next to it and the titty got a face that's pretty next to it" and ended up recording his best song in 8 years.

Looking forward to checking out Lupe's new full length to see what random reality-show contestant turnt MOR vocalists he has doing his hooks this time around. Last album he had that fella who won the first series of Australian Idol, so the smart money is on Andy Abraham and J.D. Fortune from Rock Star: INXS appearing on this one.

Ayo Lupe, your rapping ain't shit without Paul Potts next to it.


Clifford said...

Preston from the Ordinary Boys/Celeb Big Brother sings on the 4th song.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I'm glad Lupe didn't put Next To It on this new album of his because it deserves to stand as an anomaly in his catalogue: a song hated by Lupe stans but loved by those of us who usually find Lupe as appealing as the flu.

RJM said...

Lupe album has a few cuts. Worth a listen.

Queezy said...

"Prisoner 1 and 2" is awesome.


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

8 minutes long?

Bloody hell, is this new album supposed to be his Blowout Comb or summat?