Wednesday 7 January 2015


The statue of saltine limitations is over for 2014 and it's now acceptable for a white English person to post about Mic Terror's N.W.G. Not only is this the hardest AF shit Mic Terror has ever recorded, it's also a song about Important Issues which doesn't sound like its the audio equivalent of eating your broccoli - a trick mastered by Ice's T & Cube back in the day but pulled off by so few rappers nowadays:

"Best be inside when the streetlight is on
These streets I live on is like Vietnam
These GDs and BDs is like Viet Cong
And these Latin Kings is like Hispanic Nazis
Yeah, they some Nazis, I'm a black man so they wanna pop me
Gangbangers is bad, not as bad as these cops be
They'll harass me and stop me, askin' me where the rocks be"

Mic Terror - N.W.G.
(From The Fresh Prince Of Darkness album; 2014)


Jaspar said...

That artwork is wild.

d said...

Fuckin hell.

Hows he not caught on at all yet

Vinnie Pazz & Jop said...


Habibi said...

The whole album was EXCELLENT. No Panteez!!!