Wednesday, 28 January 2015

You and I are gonna happen, that's just inevitability

Pia Mia ft. G-Eazy - Fuck With You remix
(From Fuck With You remix single; 2015)

It's a weird feeling when you find yourself edging ever closer to liking a G-Eazy solo track. The songwriting partnership of Bobby Brackins and Nic Nac has so much to answer for right now.

Internet - is there such a thing as a good G-Eazy track already? General consensus seems to indicate that this is his one semi-jam so far.


Thizzler Snitch said...

Not mad at this.

d said...

I like this more than idve thought. Theres a hack of wet dog off this place lately I see you

That Hot Box ones good though ngl

in the mouth of swagness said...

Andre Nickatina "Crack Raider Razor" sampled Precinct 13 too (too obvious?)