Sunday 18 January 2015


That moment Trampoline by Kalin And Myles goes from being something you LOL at on the internet to being a video you catch IRL when you're channel surfing between The Box's 10 Tips For 2015 show and the Snooker on BBC 2 also happens to be the moment when you realise it's a Frankenstein's Monster of 3 separate songs in 1, all of them earworms; a Problem rather than a Fancy:

Kalin And Myles - Trampoline
(From the internet; 2014)

Trampoline might be the first rap song about arses that's so squeaky clean it leaves you feeling like you've just had anal bleaching performed on your own arsehole. No wonder black folk are so worried about rap music being whitewashed when every clean-cut Nick Junior peckerwood & their vaguely ethnic mate has a legitimate 4.8/5 song up the sleeves of their Abercrombie Oxford.


step one said...

makes Rizzle Kicks look like X Raided & Ganksta NIP

Zara said...

This is the best song right now!!

Straight Outta Trumpton said...

Looks like they filmed this over at Gordon Ramsey's yard.