Friday 7 March 2014

(One last Mic Terror post)

Are you familiar with the story about Puffy gettin' head from Naomi Campbell and then failing to reciprocate when she asked him to go down on her? Looks like Mic Terror is judging by the song No Panties. Fear not, though, feminists and faux-feminists 4 hire whenever a thinkpiece opportunity is available because Lucci Vee is on hand for the second verse to break hearts by finding fellas, fucking fellas, and then forgeting fellas. Read about No Panties on Deep Cuts here.

Mic Terror ft. Lucci Vee - No Panties
(From Fresh Prince Of Darkness album; 2014)

Ain't gon' lie, ya boy Jenn Pelle Pelle right chea is very disturbed by rappers like Lucci Vee and Young Thug bowling around town with septum piercings. C'mon, folks, there is nothing cool about looking like '80s anarcho-punx or '90s raver crusties.

"Cut it out!"


Drew said...

Blame Tumblr and Instagram for septum piercings.

Anonymous said...

The PhillyRingBells Myspace page hasn't been swallowed up

Robbie said...

"‘He was horrible in bed.’ She also said he had a small manhood and complained he was extremely selfish in bed. Apparently he was happy to let her pleasure him but wouldn’t give anything back.” BURN!