Tuesday 4 March 2014

On the ones and twos

"Talkin' about how you tryna get up in the Treated Crew
Boy, we both rap, what the fuck you want me to do?
Versace instrumental that you say you wrote a heater to?
Go find a corny motherfucker you can Tweet it to"

Mic Terror ft. DJ Gant-Man - Get Off My Dick
(From Fresh Prince Of Darkness album; 2014)

Get Off My Dick's vital statistics: the second Mic Terror song instructing you to Get Off his jock; the second Mic Terror song with low-end slap that sounds like someone trying to recreate the bassline from Ice-T's Drama with Super Ping Pong on the Sega Genesis; the second Mic Terror song to flirt with Juke music production; the first Mic Terror song that's a two-trax-for-the-price-of-one bargain since it climaxes with a near-two minute frenzied Jukin' breakdown courtesy of DJ Gant-Man.

Blame Juicy for me referring to Sega's Mega Drive as the Genesis, when Jaz Rignall was editing Mean Machines magazine, man, he couldn't picture this. Anyhoo, other great Chicago rap songs with basslines that sound like the sound FX from some Pong-redux game on a long-defunct sixteen bit video game console: Band Nation by King Louie, Gimme That Cash by Gzus Piece, and Probably Nu It by TREE. Any others I'm missin'?


Habibi said...

Caleb James - I'm Gone; another Nez & Production from his excellent mixtape "The Jones".

Habibi said...

Also - Joey Purp's Carlo. Another great song, IMO.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That Caleb James song is great.

SMH @ Nez & Rio wasting three beats on fucking Schoolboy Q.