Saturday 15 March 2014

Really on ya blog with the pistol

The only Too $hort song u know is Blow The Whistle, ya female fruitflies all look like Billy Crystal.

Oi YG, why'd you keep doin' I'm 4rm Bompton dirty like this? That shit is thee best solo track you've ever recorded, ergo it would have been a much better album opener than BPT and it deserves so much better than just being some extra track on the deluxe version of My Krazy Life.

YG - I'm 4rm Bompton
(From Just Re'd Up 2 mixtape; 2013/My Krazy Life deluxe album; 2014)

Don't mind me, I'm just pissed my guy from the local HMV is lettin' me cop the YG album a couple of days early this afternoon but they probably won't have any of the deluxe editions in stock. Props to YG for managing to release a good CD with cameos from Drake AND godamn Schoolboy Q on it. Can't do nuttin' for ya man about the Schoolboy Q song, but if you subscribe to a strict ‘No Canadians Plz!’ policy with regards to rap music like we do here at The Martorialist, you can avoid any rule violations by just pretending Drake's verse on Who Do You Love? is Kirko Bangz.


Queezy said...

Album is great.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

They had a deluxe edition in stock!

Album sounded so fucking good in the car on its first road test, especially I'm 4rm Bompton in fully mastered glory, and the succession of Left Right, Bicken Back Being Bool, Meet The Flockers and My N*gga.

d said...

If Bicken Back Being Bool is half the song Wakas was its already a classic. Im waiting til Paddy's Eve before I play it.

Drinking on actual Paddys Day is some shamrocks n shenanigans entry level fuckery.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Fuck You with Jeezy should have been on this album instead of the corny Schoolboy Q song.

Mustard's modern take on classic 1986/1987 Ice-T production on that song would have been a perfect fit here.