Sunday 9 March 2014

I'm tired of these suckas and they jive stories, I'm just tryna put my mother in a 5 storey

I will never ever get bored of ersatz-Jacka melancholy mob music with mad sensual Sade samples. Never ever? Never ever ever ever ever ever EVER:

"Yo, I'm tryna cope with the pain, hop in the black Maverick
With a scope by my Hanes, goin' backpackin'
Movin' coke in the rain, now that's traffic
I think I'm goin' insane, but I ain't mad at it"

Young Lox - Legion Of Doom
(From Illest album; 2014)

Can't imagine any of these guys pay sample clearance so I do wonder if Sade is aware that her music has become a constant backdrop for drug dealers from the Oakland/Kansas/Akron/Fort Wayne cocaine/MDMA trafficking circuit to rap about pain and pistols over?

Ended up writing about this for Deep Cuts on Complex.


step one said...


Unknown said...

Excellent tune is there anything else from this guy worth checking out?

H.L. said...

This is some pristine Yacht rap right here.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Illest is the first album I've checked by him, but there's some other jams on there. Def worth Spotifying it or whatever.

Anonymous said...

loxycotin album was good, his mixtape with dame dash on da slap was also pretty good.