Sunday 16 March 2014

Nothin' Serious (Just Buggin') by Whistle was the first Hyphy song!

Question of the day: how come nobody ever told me there was a good Jerk-era YG song with the same Bugger Groove sample made famous by Whistle's Nothin' Serious (Just Buggin')?

"Can I hit that, get that, run that, and lick that?
Since you say you're a dime, can I flip that?"

YG - She A Model
(From the internet; 2008 or 2009)

Couple of other YG questions for the road: is My Hitta the most godawful clean edit since the video mix of Ice Cube's Steady Mobbin'? And can you guess which professional rap journalist once claimed that Ty Dolla $ign's hook on Toot It And Boot It was about "farting on a girl & kicking her out his house" in a message board thread?


Piff said...

This playlist is helpful

Catfish said...

Yes it is.


Anonymous said...

jay nari

Jamie said...

Tom Breihan?

Richard Key$ said...

Andrew Emery?

David said...


tbf, it still could be

Lucas K said...

toot it & poot it

step one said...

never heard The Bugger Groove. Always wondered where the 'even London grooves' sample on the Paid In Full remix came from.

Also,w worst clean edit of all time is Oochie Wally. ("FACE!")