Thursday 27 March 2014

M.A.A.Dge Bishop

Sage The Gemini weighs in on the great ‘what's the best TV show set in a women's prison’ debate with my new favourite song on his album. Here at The Martorialist we're unashamed Prisoner Cell Block H stans since it ties into Australia's cultural identity as Europe's answer to Rikers Island during the 18th century and gives us a glimpse into the early careers of a plethora of actors who'd later go on to appear in Neighbours and Round The Twist; Sage, however, is clearly more partial to Debra Stevenson larging it up as Shell Dockley in Bad Girls:

"I want a bad girl
I want it bad, girl
I want it bad, girl
Get at me bad, girl"

Sage The Gemini - Bad Girls
(From Remember Me album; 2014)

Anybody with more lucid prose than me fancy describing Bad Girls? It has this wall of synthesizers that sound like they might be from a Paperclip People song and go ZOOOODA ZOO ZOOODA ZOO ZOO ZOO before these other synthesizers appear that are all euphoric like a Eric Morilla sunrise set at Pacha and go BWEEEEEUH-EWEEEUH-EWWEEEUH-EWEEEEEUUH.


Anonymous said...

"Parachute pants make a n@@@a want the hammertime"

THE GUY said...


Helen Highwater said...

It sounds like there's a huge sign in the studio ordering all visitors "DO NOT TOUCH THE PITCH-BENDER WHEN THE RED LIGHT IS ON."

AK said...

Those synths, goddamn.

CrowleyHead said...

This is what the ratchetkin think they hear when they listen to Mike Will.

Fulci Lives said...

Sounds like a chewed up tape playing the bleepy bleep outro to Baby D's Let Me Be Your Fantasy.

Anonymous said...

HarOld Dirty Bishop.