Friday 28 March 2014

What's a goon to a gobbling?

Have you ever been to the Magnolia Projects and heard a brother play the mandolin? If not, you're obviously unfamiliar with most romantic rap song about blowjobs of the noughties. What's Your Brains Like? by Juvenile, Wacko & Skip is like a condensed version of the Disney musicomedy Enchanted, with New Orleans and Houston recast as the mythical land of Andalasia & New York City, and the UTP lads & that Devin The Dupe bloke who delivers the hook cast as the quartet of fairytale heroes who are all attempting to serenade Princess Giselle. Prince Charming is dead, darling -- meet Prince Chirpsing instead:

Juvenile, Wacko & Skip - What's Your Brains Like?
(From UTP's The Beginning Of The End album; 2004)

This shit definitely should've been a single so it could've had a shot at following in Slow Motion's footsteps. Did white/Jewish men in suits know the definition of Brains in 2004 or could What's Your Brains Like? have gotten away without being subjected to the sort of brutal editing that Akinyele's Take A Lick endured when it was released as a single?


Drew said...

Well played.

DJ said...

Enchanted is a pretty good movie

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Amy Adams in Enchanted >>> Amy Adams in The Fighter, The Master, American Hustle, and Her.