Monday 3 March 2014

A Mic Terror compilation 4 u

Mic Terror's official debut retail album Fresh Prince Of Darkness is out tomorrow so here's a quick primer compilation from my current go-to regular-guy rapper whose music falls somewhere in the rap nexus between cocky, cock-centric, and conscious.

Mic describes himself as the "the evil Will Smith" which is an excellent snappy soundbite and not entirely inaccurate, but I see him as the '00s Chicago equivalent of Positive K if he'd grown up on pre-College Dropout-era KanYe instead of Masters Of Ceremony-era Grand Puba. Plus, he's a big fan of old Ice-T shit, which makes him one of the 3 people on the planet under the age of 30 familiar with the pre-Tank Girl oeuvre of one Tracy Marrow esquire.

This compilation isn't intended to be a definitive Mic Terror collection or anything, just some of my own personal favourites from his catalogue; you have the anthems like Juke Them Hoes and Rodney King, a couple of concept tracks with If God Was Mic and Habibi, two of his rap-de-rap records like Get Off and Cold As Hell, some macked-out Chicago shit with The Heauxs Love Me, a couple of his syrupy sex-jams like Going and My Bitch Tonight, and even a dis track to some ageing Chicago struggle-rapper with the song Dickey Simpkins.

Mic Terror - The Micberg compilation

Juke Them Hoes (2007)
Cold As Hell aka Mixtape Shit (2007)
Get off (2008)
If God Was Mic (2008)
My Bitch Tonight (2010)
Going (2010)
Dickey Simpkins (2011)
Habibi (2011)
Rodney King (2012)
The Heauxs love me (2012)



Catfish said...


I thin you're the internet's biggest "Juke Them Hoes" fan.

Anonymous said...

Beat it like the popo

yeldarb said...

tank girl lol

cheers 4 this

d said...

Cheers man.

lol I think a song of his from the Tank Girl soundtrack I got off Napster actually was my introduction to the OG.

Habibi said...

This is great, thanks

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

His song on the Tank Girl OST was kinda alright, tbh.

Queezy said...

Been listening to this today

Diggin it

Especially "Get Off"

d said...

at least as good as Deepest Bluest and Hit Em High.

I was convinced Tank Girl was Gwen Stefani too.

Anonymous said...

Tank Girl itself is a fine movie, best movie about Lori Petty fighting the dude from Clockwork Orange and falling in love with a kangaroo

Krisch said...

Can you please re-up this comp? I slept on it...

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah I'll do it when I get home later.

Actually, I'll throw the remastered Juke Them Hoes and a couple of other more recent tracks on there too.

Krisch said...

Thanks a lot, man.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Download that shit here

Krisch said...