Thursday 26 September 2013

Reasons why I love YouTube # 47

Because somebody has uploaded the official 'hood DVD video for Rockness Monstah & Sean Price's lost mixtape banger Fuck Dat Rapper. Despite the fact there are at least 4 of the prossies Rock was arrested for pimping in the clip, it's still reading a strong 8.5 on the Struggle-Rap-O-Meter due to his oversized New Era radiating that plutonium strength Papoose swag :

Rock ft. Sean Price - Fuck Dat Rapper
(From Shell Shock mixtape; 2008)

Fuck Dat Rapper was way better than anything on that last Heltah Skeltah album bar Da Art Of Disrespekinazation so the video's existence gives me a convenient excuse to remind y'all that you can find an MP3 of it on the first Best Of The Martorialist compilation!

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