Monday, 23 September 2013

Generic list post : Happy Perez edition

Please believe this is the post where I conclusively prove that Happy Perez is one of the ten greatest Southern producers of all time and a far more important figure in the history of teh Rap music than that dead fella from Detroit who ruined The Pharcyde and A Tribe Called Quest with his boring clippity cloppity neo-soul beats.

In a perfect world, I would've pitched this as a listicle to Complex on the strength of Happy Perez being the brains behind the boards for How Ya Do Dat and Miguel's Sure Thing. Alas, in reality there's no way any website would ever pay me to write a list comprising of 95% Concentration Camp deep cuts and I doubt my arsenal of crap jokes about C-Loc gettin' bummed in Angola and how Boo Da Boss Playa/Rossini looks the dead spit of either Jim Jones or A-Wax depending on which way you squint your eyes would've been able to stretch out for 30 blurbs, tbh.

So here's a generic hyperlinked list of my 30 favourite songs that Happy Perez produced in its place. It's probably best to forget that he also did a bunch of beats for South Park Mexican and even recorded 2 albums with him as the Lone Star Ridaz since it's morally unethical to listen to Rap songs by dudes who diddled kids, especially when said dudes who diddled kids were committing similarly abhorrent crimes like ganking the Happy Perez beats which could've been used for some J-Von and Lee Tyme solo cuts on the 4 Concentration Camp compilations.

1. Young Bleed - A Fool (1997)
2. Lil' Boosie & Webbie ft. Bun B - Show Ya Tattoos (2005)
3. C-Loc ft. Lay-Lo & Young Bleed - Sickness (1998)
4. Max Minelli - My First Verse (2003)
5. Young Bleed ft. C-Loc & Max Minelli - Better Than The Last Time (1998)
6. Max Minelli, Boosie & C-Loc - Throw It Up (2004)
7. C-Loc & Max Minelli - What's Love? (1998)
8. Max Minelli ft. Mystikal - Thug Thang remix (2003)
9. Lay-Lo - Take It Like A Gee (1999)
10. Max Minelli ft. C-Loc - Whas Hapnin' Thug? (2004)
11. C-Loc & Boosie - Shit Real (2000)
12. Young Bleed ft. C-Loc, Lee Tyme & Max Minelli - Confedi (1998)
13. Boo Da Boss Playa ft. Goldie - Rainbow (2000)
14. Boo ft. Lay-Lo - Ima (1999)
15. Young Bleed - I Couldn't C It (1999)
16. Boosie ft. Max Minelli - Same Old Shit (2000)
17. Max Minelli - Safe Place (2012)
18. PSK-13 ft. C-Loc - Don't Push Me (1999)
19. C-Loc ft. Boosie & J-Von - Pussy Ass N*ggaz (2000)
20. Trae ft. C-Loc - On Your Own (2004)
21. Max Minelli - Louisiana Sky (2009)
22. C-Loc, Max Minelli & J-Von - I Got Mine (2000)
23. Boo Da Boss Playa ft. Young Bleed & Goldie - I Like 2 (2001)
24. Young Bleed - An Offer U Can't Refuse (1998)
25. Boosie ft. Max Minelli - Feel Lucky (2000)
26. C-Loc - Who I Am (1995)
27. Young Bleed ft. C-Loc & Master P - Keep It Real (1998)
28. Boosie ft. Max Minelli - Pop It On Me (2000)
29. Young Ready, Young Crucial & C-Loc - Drop Your Nuts (2007)
30. Young Bleed - Give And Take (1999)

Related Baton Rogue Rap news : Mouse On Tha Track has just dropped a video for Bye Bitch. If you missed the song previously, you can find an MP3 of it on my Mouse On Tha Track compilation as well as that recent DJ Dow Jones What Da Streetz Need 7 mixtape which got slept on like a motherfucker despite the fact it featured no less than 5 new Mouse songs.

Mouse On Tha Track - Bye Bitch
(From the internet; 2013)


Catfish said...

Erm where's "How Ya Do Dat"?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Bless How Ya Do Dat's cotton socks since it was the first Happy Perez production/Concentration Camp song I ever heard, but the original solo Young Bleed version A Fool is the better song.

I dunno why Happy Perez had to go and tinker with the beat for How Ya Do Dat because it's perfect the way it already was on A Fool

Amor de Rey said...

I don't know if it's okay to talk like this in public, but I know Happy Perez most from producing tracks: 2,4,8,10,12,13, for Baby Bash's 2002, "On Tha Cool" record.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

You're dead to me.

(Suga Suga was a pretty great single.)

James said...

I'd slept on that "What Da Streets Need 7" mixtape. Good sthit.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Here's the no-DJ version of Off The Chain.

done said...

Whut I was tryna find the credits for that Baby Bash album on discogs and stumbled across this:
"he went to Houston, Texas, where he met fellow rapper South Park Mexican. Thus, he decided to re-locate there"

which could be nothing- mexican-american rap man unity etc but then remembered the Potna Deuce daterape song X-TA-C!

Rap Game Saville nonce cartel imo

well another one anyways

This list>>>>>>>>>

done said...

stall I wanted a Mannie Fresh Saved My Life tee. Maybe Ill sell these instead and donate all the profit to Barnardos.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Take it like a gee.

done said...

lol "gee" is slang for fanny here maybe I shouldnt

James said...


2SHIN said...

sure thing >>> adorn

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

You know it.

Krisch said...

"I Couldn't C' It" was produced by Young Bleed according do Discogs...

Krisch said...

If Discogs info is correct these are also not done by Happy Perez: Pussy Ass Niggaz, Feel Lucky, Pop It On Me, Give And Take.
After being such a pain in the ass may I still ask for a re-up of Drop Your Nuts?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Sure thing:

If the Concentration Camp tracks are credited to C-Loc then it's probably safe to assume that Happy P ghost-produced them lol.

Krisch said...

Hahaha. Cheers