Tuesday 10 September 2013

The kind you-just-don't-want-to-meet girl

Stuff I learned via Robbie yackin' to me about his trip to the Tuff City Records office in N.Y.C : the 7" radio edit of Spoonie Gee's Street Girl is the only officially mastered version of the song that was ever released. If your rube ass couldn't get with the slightly warbly 6:06 minute 12" version then give the mastered 4:45 minute 7" edit here a toot instead :

Spoonie Gee - Street Girl (radio edit)
(From Street Girl (radio edit) 7"; 1985)

Lust, greed, treachery, heartbreak, revenge - Street Girl was Film Noir on wax as well as a precursor to Nas & Kelis' marriage, B! The way Davy DMX's production languidly builds with tension during Spoonie's last verse to signal the impending doom before giving way to a melancholy coda that you can either interpret as a friend paying his last respects or a regret-tinged graveside confession from dook who got his ass played by the song's femme fatale is still damn near unrivaled as far as storytelling-Rap goes.

On a related note, someone has just leaked a dope ByrdGang era lost Max B song that appears to have been recorded for Public Domain 2 (Rise Of The Silver Surfer)!

Max B - Take A Flick
(From Public Domain 2 recording sessions; 2007)


sisilafami said...

Davy D >

Anonymous said...

Sean Mcguire LOL.

bradley said...

between this and "the big beat" as spoonie's best mid 80s single.

Anonymous said...

can you re up this Max B song? love your site.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Sure. Re-up here.