Wednesday 11 September 2013

Bushwick Bill back!

The 2012 Chicago joints I didn't catch onto until this year just keep comin'. Props to M.I.C.'s Lil' Chris for bringing midgets back to Rap by looking like a Hype Williams' fisheye fairground-mirror lens view of Jadakiss. Dook got his Little Big Man CD and he listened and he learned, then he grabbed his copy of The Diary off the dresser and decided that bittersweet sad-Rap jams would be his forte instead :

"Same shit, different day
She on her knees, 'bout to pray
To the dick, I'm the shit
Trust a bitch? Never that"

M.I.C. (Lil' Chris) - Same Shit Different Day
(From Same Shit Different Day single/M.I.C.'s Next To Blow mixtape; 2012)

David Drake tells me that same Shit Different Day and ZMoney's Yo' Bitch Callin' typify the more melodic sound of west side Chicago where groups like Sicko Mobb currently ring out and Ballin' is the biggest Chief Keef record so I'll defer to his homer knowledge on this matter. On the reals, though, I heard a rumour that if you play Same Shit Different Day, Yo' Bitch Callin' and King Louie's More Bandz in succession on the plot of land where Cabrini-Green once stood you'll summon up a ghostly crying robot made out of junked 80s home computers called Tandyman.


Anonymous said...

Candyman has not aged well.

Zwoop nation said...

lil chris is pregnant and wears adidas sambas i like this song

bradley said...

this gets the thumbs up from me