Friday 27 September 2013

Moved to Alabama, got silk pyjamas

Oh ok, NOW I get what Texas dudes & Houston Rap-philes mean when they say that Yungstar is the rapper who RiFF RaFF Dana Daned his whole rhyme style from.

As someone only familiar with Yungstar from Wanna Be A Baller and June 27, ya boy Michaelangelo Migos right chea wasn't initially sold on this particular claim of plagiarism, and delving into Yungstar's catalogue earlier this year only muddled matters further for me since his 2 Throwed Yung Playa albums are both glorified label samplers for the Straight Profit Records roster where he's near enough indistinguishable from his label mates Lil' James and Lil' Flex.

But then I came across this Mista Madd track where Yungstar drops by halfway through with 2 freestyled verses of outre non-sequitur boasts about being the mayor of the Himalayas and riding candy jet-skis and it was a Rap Game Flashback To That Time I Saw The Killing After Growing Up On Reservoir Dogs moment. Yungstar appears on the song at precisely 2:39 but plz don't just skip to those because the rest of the song is equally great, especially the hook and that bit where where the young Slim Thug says he "went from a BMX to a G.S Lex'" :

Mista Madd ft. Slim Thug & Yungstar - Down South
(From Mista Madd & The Supa Thuggz album; 1999)

Three questions : what are some other songs where Yungstar let his nuts hang like this? Was Down South Slim Thug's first ever appearance on record? And did anybody else used to think that Yungstar was Lil' Troy and Lil' Troy was Yungstar on Wanna Be A Baller?


Ness Harvell said...

Dead @ Michaelangelo Migos.

Dirt said...

"Down South" was a big song all summer 1999 in Texas. The first Swishahouse "Day Hell Broke Loose" album didn't drop until later that year so this probably counts as Thugga's debut.


Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Anonymous said...

yungstar was a true hood hero in tx. i used to see him every other week in austin in something new- a benz, a jag, a lac etc. one time i saw him in an orange LS4 on monoblocks and that bitch had wood motherfuckin' floors in it. this was like 96 or 97. anyways, yungstar’s older brother pat was instrumental in introducing and selling purple drank back in the 90′s but was murdered. listen to the last lines of his verse on “wanna be a balla” He says, “My last lemon, drop the top i’m off the lot” (yung's name is jarvis lemon). Also mike d’s verse on big moe’s song “leaning” mike d is talking about the introduction of codiene into the community. “We started this shit first, moving them damn cases, movin ’round with pat lemon stackin them big faces. Turned h-town into the city of syrup, threw twankies on ‘burb, now we 14,5 a bird, you motherfuckers heard?"

bradley said...

good find

Dirt said...

Yungstar dropped an album with Straight Profit's CEO Den Den in 2002 called "Crooked Profit Volume 1". Try that.


Ned Ragget Ya Mind Correct said...

ILX family in the house

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

^ Arf.

Thanx, Dirt.

Anonymous said...

Boys don't understand virutal reality caravan.