Friday 13 September 2013

Mostly tha voice

I'm assuming Alan The Chemist must have coached Boldy James in the art of Dunn-language delivery now they're recording an album together because BJ didn't used to sound this nonchalantly menacing back when his music first became internet sexy in 2011, right?

"A shooter is a goonie
Blick is a whole clip, on some motion picture shit, take you to see a movie
A square is a loosie
A pistol is a throwaway, on a good day, eh, you can call me Juicy J"

Boldy James - Moochie
(From My First Chemistry Set album; 2013)

Moochie is currently splashed over all the usual suspect blogs and yet not a single writer has managed to come close to nailing why it's so good : essentially, it's a 2k13 Ebonics by Big Noyd's goon cousin from Detroit over the sort of top drawer eerie Alchemist production that somebody like Saigon would sell his firstborn to Max Hardcore for. Like I suggested a while back, the spirit of Q.B Dunn-Rap seems to have migrated out to the mid-west.

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Daps said...

I like it.
Boldy James sounds like he doesn't care too much that I'm listening to him, a Detroitism that runs through a lot of this type of stuff. And I don't mind it at all.

Robbie said...

What was up with that non-embedable Soundcloud though? Hipster Media Mafia strikes again!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I know, right?

Frank said...

Potholes made the connection to "Ebonics":

Anonymous said...

How anyone misses a link to Ebonics is beyond me