Tuesday 3 September 2013

I turned the hotel into the cluurrb

Dorrough's particular brand of Dallas party-Rap probably sounds rapturous in a rowdy Dallas strip club full of women with backsides like the aliens from Bad Taste, but aside from Swangin' Beatin Down Blvds and Bad To The Bone with Travis Porter it's never quite had the same effect through a laptop's speakers on my sofa. I've given a bunch of Dorrough joints a chance over the past 3 years but I've never found another song of his that's compelled me to listen to it more than once let alone do the Stanky Leg or the Pee Wee Herman to it. Until now :

"I do everythang legendary
Non-fiction, y'all shit imaginary
We at the hotel fuckin' Hallie Berrys
Y'all at the crib playin' solitary
Y'all n*ggas at the crib on the internet
We in a suite smokin' blunts like they cigarettes
Fuckin' hoes with some sexy ass silhouettes
Ask anybody, Prime Time Click been a threat"

Dorrough Music ft. DJ Mustard - After Party
(From After Party single; 2013)

That said, the most exciting thing about the Dorrough X DJ Mustard hook-up is that it could lead to the real kings of Dallas party-Rap scooping themselves a Mustard production too; we're already 9 months into 2013 so we're about due Treal Lee & Prince Rick's one great single per calender year.

Would be eternally grateful to anyone out there who has a no-DJ version of Swangin' Beatin Down Blvds.


Rob said...

No love for "Old School Nikes" or "Ice Cream Paint Job"

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Afraid not.

SE said...

Fresh. Didn't know Dallas was doin thangs like dat.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Shit ain't a game, gawd. You're living your life in false happiness without the best of Treal Lee & Ptince Rick 'tape and the videos of them and Mr Hit Dat Hoe dancing in their neighbourhood