Monday, 2 September 2013

Ayo The Wavery

Don't you wish that you could wake up and find that everybody loved Yung Lean, Lil' Pain, Khalil Nova and the rest of that godawful Tumblr-Rap y'all are currently pushing? ** EEEGGGH! ** People don't wanna listen to them rappers, mane! You ain't never gonna emulate Yams! It ain't never gonna happen so you need to put them pipe dreams away and stop pushin' all that ol' bullshit 'cause you bottom-rung bloggers and Cloud-Rap also-rans ain't no A&Rs!

It's all luv, doe, because you are all hereby cordially invited to come hop aboard the ZMoney Express instead. Next stop : everywhere.

Obviously all y'all Wavery members will be seated in economy class with the rest of the regulars because nobody wants to exchange pleasantries with paedophiles and the sort of people who encouraged Chippy Nonstop to start rapping, but you will be granted complimentary MP3s of Everything to ensure your journeys are relatively comfortable. Here's the tagless 320kbps official version that's a mash-up of the original and the video remix with Kevo, as well as the O.G version with 2 different verses which don't appear on either of the other versions :

ZMoney ft. Kevo - Everything remix (Rich B4 Rap version)
(From Rich B4 Rap mixtape; 2013)

ZMoney - Everything (original)
(From the internet; 2012)

Since ZMoney and his team have been known to check this site via Drew Barber and vanity-Googling, how's about you hook ya humble author Gianfranco DG Yola right chea up with the full no-DJ 320kbps version of Rich B4 Rap plz?


RMH said...

LOL @ there being people who thought Yung Lean was funny for longer than 10 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for Zach G to show up here again.

James said...

"Rich B4 Rap" in 320 is so neccessary

CrowleyHead said...

I'm feeling like Whittaker Chambers or some shit.

Also, RIP me not realizing Martorialist's jokes about Nojumper going down were true. End of an era... *tears*

Anonymous said...

Fredo Fantano said...

I don't like that song. I'm not tryna hear ZMoney making boring humourless Drill records when his strength is in his own weird and funny Windy City take on Gucci Mane/ATL Swag-Rap.

My Zmoney stanning is complicated : Rich B4 Rap is a masterpiece, imo, but I'm not really into his other stuff, tbh; the few songs I like from Heroin Musik I consider Rich B4 Rap b-sides where he's just having fun showing other Chicago rappers up with their own styles (ie. 4 None is basically him doing Keef 10000x better than Keef.)

Why can't he just bask in his masterpiece and keep shooting videos for songs from that?

Ben Franklin said...

"Ben Franklin" is good, tho

Anonymous said...


David said...

I'm having trouble determining the difference between the sound on these tapes considering drill records are already weird & funny windy city takes on gucci/atl swag rap

Fredo Fantano said...

Well, I see the Drill sound as being more of a descendant of Jeezy and Waka/Brick Squad, whereas ZMoney's aesthetic on Rich B4 Rap is more Gucci/OJ, although there's a crossover since Soulja Boy is obviously a big influence on Keef and ZMoney.