Wednesday 25 September 2013

I refuse to refer to Young Ready by his new moniker of Racked Up Ready

As far as Baton Rogue Rap goes in 2013, this is my jam at the moment :

"I'm runnin' outta options, can't get no job
Fresh outta jail, came right back to them raws
A 'script of 90 bars and 120 r's
I'ma sell the racecars but I'ma eat with xanax bars
I ain't learned my lesson yet, my head extra hard
I'm runnin' if they stop this car 'cause I can't take no charge
Dropped my iPhone and my lean cup, now it won't take no charge
I fuck with Kev' and 'Vel, my n*gga gonna take this charge
So many hot boys I can fill up a garage
Spitta's in that water like the bottom of a barge
Look up in my rear view - I see you sarge
I'm jumpin' fences - I see you sarge!"

Spitta ft. Young Ready - Runnin'
(From Fresh Outta Jail mixtape; 2013)

Running is a much underused medium in Rap videos : N.W.A mastered it, Ghostface & Jadakiss were too lazy to see the concept through, and Mic Terror's jogging skillz are unparalleled.


trill ent young miscavage said...

Who did the beat to this?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

No credits, bro, so I dunno.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Also really feelin' Mind Right by Mista Cain, Young Ready & DJ B-Real which Ready is now claimin' as his own now Cain is in prison.

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