Friday 21 February 2014

Reasons why I love YouTube #54

Whistle - (Nothin' Serious) Just Buggin'
(From (Nothin' Serious) Just Buggin' 12"; 1985/Whistle LP; 1986)

Shame on me for forgetting (Nothin' Serious) Just Buggin' by Whistle in yesterday's generic list post. Not only is it a key entry in the remarkable songs by otherwise unremarkable rappers canon, but it's also a pivotal song for ya boy Julianne EscoBeedaWeeda Shepherd right chea since it was a big hit in the U.K in 1986 and consequently played a huge part in me falling in love with rap muzik as a snotty little brat.

(Nothin' Serious) Just Buggin' was pretty much the year zero for stupid fruity crazy swag-rap and jerkin', and no matter what certain revisionist hip hop historians and rap game Geir Hongro-type idiots like Wicked22 try tell you, novelty dance records have always been a crucial component of rap music. Here's Whistle performing it on Top Of The Pops in all white everythang and matching raccoon pelt Davy Crockett hats that were probably made from unsold toupees. Fall back, PETA!


Queezy said...

That beat still sounds like nothing else.

step one said...

I first heard this on a compilation called Hip Hop & Rapping In The House that I copped on tape back in '88 and that was pretty instrumental in forming my tastes.
I got given a CD copy last week as it goes.
I also remember some bird called Sophie who used to present Yo MTV Raps dissing Whistle on air and I still don't know why.

CSB etc

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Sophie Bramley!

Shout outs to that Vanessa bird who hosted the European MTV version of Headbanger's Ball and that Dutch raver bird Simone who used to host MTV Europe's Party Zone show.

Andrew said...

A classic.

step one said...

Party Zone Simone :) All about Rebecca DeRuvo back then