Sunday 9 February 2014

What da pockets need

Hate to turn this place into a Mouse On Tha Track fansite but DJ Dow Jones just released the no-DJ version of Mouse's Mr Lump Sum which originally appeared on their What Da Streets Need 7 mixtape and I feel compelled to post it this morning because it was one of my favourite odes to capitalism last year and the song's reappearance has encouraged me to eBay a couple of presents I received this past Christmas that I'll probably never use or wear. **Juelz voice** THIS IS INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC!! **Juelz voice**

"What you tryna hold for, what you tryna spend, though?
I'm crankin' up them coins, I'm goin' Nintendo"

Mouse On Tha Track - Mr Lump Sum (no-DJ)
(From the internet; 2014)

Which has reminded me that I also have the tagless version of another cool song that originally appeared as an exclusive on What Da Streets Need 7--Lil' Pooh & Mouse's Ask About Me; a typical Mouse club-slumpah where Lil' Pooh once again sounds more comfortable with his Baton Rogue buddies than he does with his fellow native Texan rappers:

"I beat the pussy up, I'm a fool in it
Club turnt to the max, you know that Pooh in it!"

Lil' Pooh ft. Mouse On Tha Track - Ask About Me
(From Lil' Pooh's Workaholic 2 album; 2013)

Which has also reminded me that What Da Streets Need 7 was the mixtape where Shy Glizzy & Migos' Wassaname debuted. Doesn't matter if we're talking that version or the new remix with Lil' Bibby replacing Migos, that sneaky bastard Shy Glizzy still completely jacked the song's concept from a 2012 Grip Plyaz track and then failed to execute it as well as Grip did:

"You remember shawdy? Coke bottle frame
Ass off the chain, you know... wasaname"

Grip Plyaz - Wasaname
(From Purp, Wind & Fire album; 2012)

More like Sly Glizzy amirite?


d said...


Always enjoy commie writers jumping through hoops trying to justify shit like Mr Lump Sum, relax lads. lol Jonah Hill thinks he was in a serious commentary on wall st with "some comedic moments" according to an interview I saw the other day.

d said...

I think Jeezy becoming "deep" mightve started that craic

Bob said...

That's a pretty blatant bite

Jamie said...

That Dow Jones mixtape sounds pretty good.

rap game Adel Taarabt said...

so would you recommend Workaholic 2 ?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I haven't listened to the rest of it, tbh. I just noticed Ask About Me was on there and copped an MP3 of it.

(Should also point out that Ask About Me is the song from the Mouse On Tha Track Makes A Beat On A Ipad For Lil Pooh Youtube video that was all over a bunch of blogs last year.)

Queezy said...

Thanks for the Mouse mp3s. Lovin his shit at the moment.

Trill Ent Young Miscavage said...

All great tracks. Thanks, playa.