Tuesday 4 February 2014

DB cut

Wrote about DB Tha General's weird and wonderful Savage for Deep Cuts on Complex, so here's the MP3 in case anyone needs it. FYI, Savage is tied with Cam'Ron & Sen City's Instagram for the most novel appearance of flies in a recent Rap song:

"East Oakland, land of the homicide
You don't wanna go there, nah, I don't tell lies
I'm the shit that's why you see all these flies
And don't get it twisted you fuckin' with family ties"

DB Tha General - Savage
(From the internet; 2013/Motel6 album; 2014)

Quick plea: any of you northern Californians fancy picking me up a copy of DB's Welcome To The Navy album on CD if you come across it when you're out and about? Will pay a finder's fee as well as the cost of the CD and all P+P to the U.K.


Anonymous alias of someone important said...

This is probably my favorite DB song.

d said...

Really killing me I cant cop this til payday, This shits nuts. Judging by 'Lito's no freebies progress, DB should be blog famous by 2017.


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

As you'd probably expect from a 24 track album, it's patchy and he's developed the unfortunate habit of repeating lines in songs but the good songs are very good, and it worked out cheaper buying the full thing than just copping the good songs.

The Mouse production Go Off has really grown on me.

d said...

I kinda liked when he repeated lines before but yeah a little of that goes a long way. Mouse and DB collabings a dream come true for me.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Props to Motel6 for being the first rap album with 2 different intros, the 2nd intro being 5 tracks in.

noz said...

i've yet to see a physical "welcome to the navy" in two and a half years i've been out here.

on the other hand i heard they insulate the concord rasputins with overstock copies of "tweaker muzik."

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Equal amounts of :( + :)

Nyquil said...

@noz hahahaha
You live in the Bay now? thats crazy...

This song is tight